See you on the other side Chuck Colson (VIDEO)

Chuck Colson died on April 21. Colson worked with Nixon and went to jail over an obstruction of justice charge (interestingly enough, for attempting to defame the Pentagon Papers). But more fondly, Colson will be remembered for his legacy, Prison Fellowship, which he started after he got out of prison in 1976. It’s one of largest ministries in the world …

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Can we have a Rational Conversation about Guns?

Rational Conversation About Guns

How many more shootings, local or national, do we need? How many more school shootings do we need before have …

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Taking “Jesus Christ” Out of the Bible

A new translation of the Bible called “The Voice” (no, Cee-Lo makes no appearances in this one), published by Thomas …

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I Try to be Non-Partisan

Red Letter Christianity tries to maintain a non-partisan posture because we believe that Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a …

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Oh Yeah! Connecticut Abolished the Death Penalty

THIS JUST IN… Big news.  Connecticut abolished the death penalty yesterday.  Only 33 more states to go. It’s time we …

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What does Jesus think about Homosexuality?

Jesus Homosexuality

Is homosexuality a sin? It’s an age-old question, and there are people on both sides of the debate, each quoting …

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