Are You For Real? Lessons Learned from the Velveteen Rabbit

One of my more memorable confessions occurred several years ago when I confessed to my Franciscan priest that I felt like a Christian poser.  After reading the ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ I realized I didn’t really love much like Christ calls Christians to love.  He couldn’t have known how difficult it was for me to admit or how much I …

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Looking Forward with Patience

“Don’t start me on stories!” – Dr. Vincent Harding. In light of both the Government and Coalition’s failure to let …

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Hating the Invisible Man

We finally made it to the Oregon Coast yesterday. I took some pictures in the redwood forest that I’ll share …

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RE-Membering Memorial Day

Re Membering Memorial Day

Remember… …that life is a gift. To call it a gift is to imply that we did not earn it. …

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Remembering Is the First Act of Love: War, Peace and Memorial Day

When I was a kid I’d go to mass on Sundays and hope that this week’s eucharistic hymn would be …

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Considering the Cost

In America, when someone chooses to follow Jesus, not much is at stake in the way of danger or persecution. …

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Pastor Worley and the Slippery Slope of “Speaking the Truth in Love”

Photo By davidz Every time I blog about homosexuality and the church, I get at least one email or comment …

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