5 God Excuses to Avoid After a Natural Disaster

Tracking Hurricane Sandy

BY: KENT ANNAN — In a natural disaster aftermath, whether caused by hurricane or earthquake or…

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21st Century Freedom Ride

Freedom Rides

BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — Fifty years ago, when America’s Freedom Movement was….

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Now What? How to Help in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy ATVN Mike609

Hurricane Sandy has moved past the Philadelphia area and the work of clean up and recovery is…

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How Are We Political? A Dialogue between Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne

Shutterstock 115240594

TONY CAMPOLO: Shane, I have a question to ask that may make you squirm a little bit. From hearing you talk …

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Daddy’s Top Ten Childbirth Freak-Outs (pt. 2 of 2)

Christians Kids

BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — “The biggest sadness I think I have for you about all of this,” my friend and mentor, Doc, said to me…

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Daddy’s Top-Ten Childbirth Freak-Outs (Pt. 1 of 2)

Child Birth Freakouts 1

BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — At one point, my wife, Amy, asked me what my biggest fears were about having another kid. So, like…

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Presidential Politics, Big Military and Jesus

Military Jesus

BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — Early this week the presidential candidates got to debate about foreign policy as…

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