Church of England Decision Day on Women Bishops

Rowan Williams

BY: TONY CAMPOLO — The vote for women Bishops in the Church of England has to pass now! Debate on…

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Sexual Orientation: It’s Not a Sin

Sexual Orientation

BY: KATHY VESTAL: The one obstacle to many Christians accepting what science knows to be true regarding…

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A Theology of Capitalism: Entrepreneurs vs. Money-changers

Theology Of Capitalism

There are two different stories people tell about capitalism. Those who describe capitalism favorably say that it is the story …

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Jesus Times Two: “Jesus Beck” or “Jesus the Christ”

Jesus Thumbs Up

BY: KATHY VESTAL — Today though we are confused by two Jesuses, and they don’t resemble each other at all…

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Occupying God’s Vision of Jubilee

Erase Debt

I’m so excited to see this US example of alternative economics: the Rolling Jubilee! It’s self described as “a bailout …

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If I Have Cheated Anyone

Cheated Anyone

BY: MORF MORFORD — I attended a small local church prayer meeting recently where, among other things, some of us…

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