Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Peace (Part 2)

Israeli Women Activists

OCT 9, 2013 | BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — If we want to move beyond the vicious cycles of offense and revenge that dominate the status quo – and result…

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Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Peace (Part 1)

Nairobi Mall Shooting

OCT 8, 2013 | BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — The Al-Shabaab terrorists who slaughtered over 60 fellow human beings in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall…

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Review: And God Said, “Billy!”

SEPT 16, 2013 | BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — Anyone who asks me for a recommendation for good reading in the fiction category always gets…

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Trayvon and George: A Tale of Two Americas

Trayvon And George

JULY 15, 2013 | BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — Emerging America doesn’t love Trayvon and hate George, or love George and hate Trayvon…

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The Scandal Of Publix and The Coalition of Immokalee Workers: A Christian Critique

Justice For Publix Workers E1348666616250

BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — A Presbyterian minister enters a Publix grocery store in Florida to buy a…

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Interfaith Misunderstanding in America

Interfaith Misunderstanding 1

It’s been a great year for interfaith misunderstanding in America. There was a U.S. senator’s wild allegation about Islamic extremists …

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A Story of Christian-Muslim Friendship: Entering Without Knocking

We all know the standard traditions of marriage in America: something borrowed, something blue… the groom doesn’t see the bride …

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