“Don’t Be So Sensitive”

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Red Letter Book Club. It is an excerpt from Bruce Reyes-Chow’s latest book: But I Don’t See You as Asian: Curating Conversations About Race. My middle daughter, Abby, is a soccer player. She has played since kindergarten. She is also the kid that we have to constantly ask to “stop kicking the ball in the …

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What Historically White Denominations Can Learn From the Republican Party

The Silent Majority

BY: BRUCE REYES-CHOW — The day after election night is like Christmas morning for bloggers and political…

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Christian Hypocrisy in Examining the Word of God and the Words of Politicians

Word Of God And Politicans

BY: BRUCE REYES-CHOW — One of the instigators of my frequent potty mouth moments is seeing how supporters of…

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The Faithful Way to Sing to God? Mine.

Sing To God

BY: BRUCE REYES-CHOW — On more than one occasion I have heard praise music called “7/11 music,” the same…

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What the Body of Christ Can Learn From Fantasy Sports

Shutterstock 97091186 E1348936192813

BY: BRUCE REYES-CHOW — A few months ago my family and I were out at some pizza joint and there was a…

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The Role of Satire, Snark and Sarcasm in Building Community

Satire Snark

Photo by ganesha.isis on Flickr Short answer: there is none. I recently stumbled upon a Les Miserables inspired video parody  in support of …

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Why This Christian Will Never Own a Gun

Never Own A Gun

As a Christian and a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) I often struggle with Scripture and how God intends …

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