The Dangers of Jaywalking: White Power, Black Rage, and Ubuntu in America


When the police in Ferguson, MO, released the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown last week, they also released surveillance camera footage of Brown in a convenience store, purportedly shoplifting.

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Worship and the Poor: Moving Beyond Belief

We’ve all seen “the sign” at sporting events.  For some reason, of all the Bible verses in Scripture, John 3:16 …

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A Year of Self-Reflection and Growth: Are You Ready for Community?

In the past fifteen years there has been a shift towards community that was not even part of most people’s …

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The Reverse Mission: What White People Can Do About Racism

Several years ago I was visiting the town I grew up in and was talking with a local youth worker …

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Worship and the Poor: The Coming Revival

I just got back from spending about a month in India with my family.  We had the opportunity to stay …

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Worship and the Poor: Embracing Jesus on the Streets and on my Knees

Fifteen years ago my wife and I went to India for the first time. A great deal of our trip …

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