The Jesus Lens: Can a Red Letter Christian question the “red letters”?

Question The Red Letters

JAN 13, 2014 | BY: DEREK FLOOD — Many people have proposed the need to interpret Scripture through a Jesus-shaped lens. In many…

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“What Church do you go to?” Why Jay Bakker is my (virtual) pastor

Revolution Top

NOV 24, 2013 | BY: DEREK FLOOD — I’d love to go to a church that was focused on grace and messy radical love. I haven’t found a place…

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The Greatest Heresy

The Greatest Heresy

NOV 21, 2013 | BY: DEREK FLOOD — The biggest heresy, the only real heresy, is the idea that trying to silence those by force, threat, and violence…

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A Better Story: How Our Understanding of Justice is Radically Re-defined by the Gospel

Justice Redefined

AUGUST 27, 2013 | BY: DEREK FLOOD — Because these are our culture’s default understandings of both justice and mercy, it is common…

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God Loves Us F**k-Ups

Labels Lie Whore

BY: DEREK FLOOD — Faith is not about certainty; it is about vulnerability. It is about having the courage to let Jesus into our screwed…

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Suffering, Tragedy and Doubt: 5 Mistakes Christians Make

Suffering Tragedy Doubt E1348846262168

BY: DEREK FLOOD — Of all the reasons people lose their faith, by far the biggest is the experience of suffering and injustice. How can we help people struggling with this?

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Healing Toxic Faith: Did Jesus die to save us from God?

Healing Toxic Faith 1

Why did Jesus have to die? Was it to appease a wrathful God’s demand for punishment? Does that mean Jesus …

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