When You Can’t Find Your Words

Trayvon Martin’s parents attented the Million Hoodies March. Photo: NYMag.com It’s been almost a month since the slaying of Trayvon Martin. This particular African-American child was intentionally shot through the chest while walking back from the store in a Florida suburb. He was armed with a pack of skittles and some iced tea. For the past few weeks, each time …

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KONY 2012: Who’s Telling the Story?

Joseph Kony, head of the Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, in a rare public appearance, 2006. Photo by Adam Pletts/Getty Images. …

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Noting a Woman’s Body

God knows women’s bodies always have a way of getting our attention. This is not breaking news. But in the …

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Obama Visit Challenges ‘African Woman’ Stereotype

Last month on her official trip to Africa, Michelle Obama gave a speech of encouragement to 76 young sub-Saharan African …

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