Iraq: Here’s how you can help

Iraq Crisis

JUNE 20, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — With Iraq in chaos, you may be wondering what the heck you can do. Here’s a really concrete answer. Support our friends at…

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Tell Wendy’s to Join CIW’s Fair Food Program

Wendys Needs To Join Fair Food Program

MAY 28, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Make a call today to Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick letting him know that it’s time for his company to join the Fair…

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NY Times Letter Calls for Pope Francis to End Harm to LGBT Youth

NY Times Letter To Pope Francis LGBT Youth

APRIL 13, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Pope Francis’ election over one year ago brought a wave of anticipation of change in the Catholic…

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Bird Bible & Jared Leto: Two Weekend Clips to Watch

Bird Bible Jared Leto

MAR 3, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Over the weekend two short clips caught my eye. They are quite different from one another…

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Sabbatical and CAIR: Learning from Mother Teresa, Thomas Keating and others

Nikole Lim1

FEB 24, 2014 | FROM: GRAVITY — One of the key components of Gravity’s work is their Contemplative Activist in Residence…

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Uganda’s President Museveni signs controversial anti-gay bill into law

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni

FEB 24, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Earlier today Uganda’s President signed into law a controversial anti-gay bill that punishes…

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Tony Campolo to Close Mission Organization, EAPE

Tony Campolo1

JAN 14, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Today, Tony Campolo announced that his missionary organization, the Evangelical Association for…

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