A Plea for Healing: Open Letter to IVCF

Urbana IVCF

The Christian community is in desperate need of healing at this moment, and we believe you can help lead this effort.

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A Columbus Day for the People of Haiti

Christopher Columbus

Let’s give this Columbus Day to the people of Haiti who suffered most for it.

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Tony Campolo: Divine Disatisfaction

Thumbnail TC

Tony’s life is not just a product or an idea but an action.

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The Survival of Christianity in the Middle East


One of the greatest challenges confronting the Christians in the Middle East today is survival.

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VP Candidate Denies Justice to Man Proven Innocent


One serious matter that Mike Pence has left undone in his pursuit of the vice-presidential office is the pardoning of Keith Cooper, a man who spent almost a decade in jail for a crime he did not commit and indeed was proven INNOCENT by DNA evidence.

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RLC’s New Executive Director!


It is with great excitement that we announce to you our new Executive Director – Don Golden!

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Christianity is Not a White Western Religion


Either we will have a Christianity that is Western or we will have a Christianity based on the truth of the Bible, one that can transcend culture. When you separate it from its roots, the whitewashed Western, and often American, version hurts everyone, including white people.

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