Calvinism, Control Freaks, and the Sovereignty of God

John Calvin

MAY 22, 2014 | BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — The internet has been obsessed with Calvinism for the past week or so. Zack Hunt’s Dear John…

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Love Should Never Include Disclaimers: Why Christians Need to Stop Trying to “Fix” People

Love Should Never Include Disclaimers Jenny Rae Armstrong

MAY 9, 2014 | BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — We can’t love freely when our self-worth is tangled up in someone else’s free will. We need to get…

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The Gospel is Never at Stake. A Few Words on Orthodoxy, Christian Unity, and Not Being a Big Jerk

Gospel Is Never At Stake

MAR 27, 2014 | BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — I saw a quote from a Christian leader yesterday, one that I respect despite disagreeing…

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How Much Money Does it Take to Be A Good Christian Woman?

Christian Woman

April 23, 2013 | BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — When I was in my twenties, I attended a “Bible” study on how to be a Good Christian Woman. Good Christian…

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Should Christian Women Color Their Hair? On Dissatisfaction, Cultural Conformity, and Battling the Inner Barbie

Christians With Hair Coloring

BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — As I examined my new hairstyle in the bathroom mirror, I wound up examining my head and my heart as well…

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“The missionaries brought the Bread of Life, but we choked on the packaging.”

Bread Of Life In Cellophane

BY: JENNY RAE ARMSTRONG — Our insensitively-expressed opinions, prim expectations, and slow-burning cultural condemnation have alienated…

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John Piper, Women in Combat, and How Gender Roles Fall Short of the Glory of Humankind

Women In Combat

Co-Ed Combat and Cultural Cowardice, an article written by John Piper in 2007, has resurfaced in light of the U.S. …

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