When Immigration Takes a Human Face

Immigration Takes A Face

APRIL 21, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — As the “immigration issue” continues to be discussed in our country, for me, it is becoming…

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Gay Marriage, World Vision and a Unified Church?

Gay Marriage World Vision And A Unified Church Jon Huckins

APRIL 2, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — It has been a tough go for the Church in the United States over the past couple months…

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7 Learning’s From My Time in the Middle East

7 Things I Learned In The Middle East

MAR 19, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — Having just gotten home from guiding another The Global Immersion Project Learning Community…

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Smoking What We’re Growing: 8 Things That Happen When We Live (or Don’t Live) What We Talk About

Smoking What Were Growing

JAN 19, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — As communicators (and we are ALL communicators whether we like it or not), producing “lived…

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Is It Possible to Celebrate Christmas and the Birth of Jesus on the Same Day?

Celebrating Christmas And Jesus

DEC 18, 2013 | BY: JON HUCKINS — There is certainly a warm, nostalgic feeling about the Christmas season. Social media fills up with…

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Women, Child Birth and What it Means to be Fully Human Again

Women Child Birth What It Means To Be Fully Human

NOV 22, 2013 | BY: JON HUCKINS — In a world where heroism, success and order are most often defined by men projecting their insecurities…

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Stop Going to Church! When Good News Actually Looks Like Something

Stop Going To Church

NOV 9, 2013 | BY: JON HUCKINS — Here are some ways we can begin to engage our neighborhoods redemptively and link arms with others…

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