Alfred Olango & the Church in San Diego

Olango Mohter

For Alfred, for this community and for our world, may we unite as the faith community and live into our common call to be an instrument of peace.

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Enemy Love Trumps ALL

Nonviolence BLM

Every time violence is met not with revenge, but with forgiveness and love, the world begins to reorder itself into the way God designed it to function all along.

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Shrinking Our Worlds: Presence in a Polarizing and Painful Season


Our worlds need to get smaller if we are to engage well in the world’s bigger issues.

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The Church & the Refugee Crisis

Aylan Kurdi 1

In 2011, Syria was home to 22 million people. More than half of those have now either fled as refugees or been internally displaced by violence.

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4 Tips for Following Jesus in an Election Season


We live in a system where elections matter because they determine who will make decisions that impact people created in the image of God and with infinite worth.

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Girls: The Hope of the Future


Over the past few days, my four year-old, Ruby, has asked some profound and provocative questions that have both challenged and brought us much hope for the future.

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Deported: A View From the “Other” Side

Deported US Immigration

AUG 3, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — I was recently sitting in a Tijuana shelter that houses men for 12 days after they have been deported from…

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