Botched Oklahoma Execution Reveals Self-Deception

Botched Lethal Injection Oklahoma

MAY 1, 2014 | BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — At 6:23pm on Tuesday, the state of Oklahoma initiated its effort to kill Clayton D…

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Excerpt: Knock, knock. Welcome Everything

NOV 16, 2013 | BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — Over the years, I have seen a few folks get up from the dead. But I also have stared death…

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Why I’m Fasting with the Dream 9

Dream 9

JULY 28, 2013 | BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — When the DREAM Act failed, these young people of great faith did not give up…

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Jesus, at Least, Opposed the Death Penalty

Maryland Death Penalty

BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — Individuals are entitled to make whatever arguments they would like in favor of the death penalty…

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Nonviolence for White People

Malcolm X

BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — The longer I live and pray the more convinced I am that white repentance–white conversion…

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21st Century Freedom Ride

Freedom Rides

BY: JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE — Fifty years ago, when America’s Freedom Movement was….

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Sharing Stories at the Wild Goose Festival

I’m just back from the Wild Goose Festival in Chatham County, NC. Camp meetings like this have a history in …

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