“Trendy Religion”: Is Applying Social Science to Church Success Sinful and Selfish?

Billy Graham

OCT 20, 2013 | BY: JOSHUA D. AMBROSIUS — Can social science make church “better”? And what does “better” mean? If by “better…

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Sandy Hook and the Tearing Asunder of Evangelical Christianity

Sandy Hook Evangelical

BY: JOSHUA D. AMBROSIUS — Is it just me, or is the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting doing more to point out the great rift within…

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A Politics of Selflessness


BY: JOSHUA D. AMBROSIUS — As we vote, let us consider our own, our candidate’s, our party’s commitments to…

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Red Letter Christians on Campus: Do We Have a Responsibility to Shut our Siblings Up?

Religion In The Classroom

An Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Florida, Dr. Charles Negy, has struck a nerve by sending …

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Evangelicals and Space Exploration: Do We Have Curiosity?

Mars Landing

Source: WikiMedia “Holding the stars is the man that carries my scars.” –P.O.D., Tribal Warriors “Who but You could breathe …

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Should Christians Support the rEVOLution?

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul recently argued for a “Golden Rule” in foreign policy in the first South Carolina GOP …

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A Gift for Blago? And You and Me…

“My life is ruined.” These words were uttered by Rod Blagojevich to Judge James Zagel on December 7 as he …

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