We Are Better Than This


Politics is making us a more and more divided state and nation, but I can’t help but believe that we are better than this.

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Josh Duggar & the Bondage of Our Souls


We must rescue our hearts and minds from the political bondage that has stolen our souls.

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Dear White Christians: Let’s Talk About Our Fear


As Christians we believe that God is far greater and far more complex than our finite human minds can begin to conceive.

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Is the Gay Thing Worth Splitting a Church? Definitely Not, and Definitely Yes.

Should A Church Split Over Gay Marriage

JUNE 19, 2014 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — Beyond the essentials of the faith, there is room for our diversity. We have different opinions about…

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In God’s Trenches: A Devotional Exercise on Humility

In Gods Trenches

MAY 27, 2014 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — Humility is the opposite of pride, arrogance, and egotism. Humility is mentioned around 100 times…

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Fred Phelps: Sifting Through His Tragic Legacy

Fred Phelps

MAR 17, 2014 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — According to a Twitter post by Fred Phelps son Nathan, the 84-year-old patriarch of Topeka’s infamous…

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Duck Hunting, Defrocking a Minister, and Other Gay Tidings

Gay Tidings

DEC 19, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — All in the same day, New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize gay marriage, Olympic figure…

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