Fred Phelps: Sifting Through His Tragic Legacy

Fred Phelps

MAR 17, 2014 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — According to a Twitter post by Fred Phelps son Nathan, the 84-year-old patriarch of Topeka’s infamous…

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Duck Hunting, Defrocking a Minister, and Other Gay Tidings

Gay Tidings

DEC 19, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — All in the same day, New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize gay marriage, Olympic figure…

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Missing the Message

Missing The Message

DEC 17, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — The message of the baby in the manger is one of spreading love, mending the broken, comforting…

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I Tithe…but should it go to my local church?

I Tithe

NOV 20, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — In almost every church of which I’ve been a part, I have heard sermons about giving our tithe to the…

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Have Progressive Christians Abandoned Too Much?

Progressive Christianity

AUGUST 26, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — The progressive Christianity movement arose in response to the fundamentalist movement…

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I’m Humbled, Probably Not


JULY 10, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — “I am humbled to receive this award,” we say.  Or “I was humbled to be offered that position.”  Really?

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Ex-Gay No More: The End of Exodus International

Ex Gay No More

JUNE 20, 2013 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — The ex-gay myth has crashed.  Fallen.  Shattered.  Exodus International president Alan Chambers…

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