Why hasn’t any President since Lyndon B. Johnson made ending hunger and poverty a national priority?

Krisanne Murphy

APRIL 7, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — I recently met Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy at the Pittsburgh airport. She’s the Interim…

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Why I Get Credit Card Applications for FredPhelpsFuneral.com

Fred Phelps On Deathbed

MAR 17, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — January 7, 2011, I sent my husband an email at work: “Hey, will you send me an…

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Prisons “Overwhelmingly Filled With People of Color”: Just or Unjust?

Jonathan Brooks

MAR 3, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — Broken family structure and the broken education system fail many of our children daily.  However, society still…

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Why Facebook Posts and Free Food Giveaways Aren’t Transforming Lives

Jonathan Chan Haiti Partners Margot Starbuck

FEB 24, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — We’re constantly bombarded with the message that “We will be the generation to do….

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Beyond White Evangelicals’ Uneasy Relationship With Dr. King

Ed Gilbreath 8x12 300dpi

FEB 17, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — How will the church engage today’s race issues—immigration, economic redistribution, presidential…

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“First of all, let’s not call them inmates…” An Interview with Kim Brown

Kim Brown

FEB 10, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — First of all, let’s not call them inmates. Let’s call them ex-offenders or those that have been incarcerated…

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Can you be Pro-Life and Pro-Woman? Bob Lenz Thinks So

Bob Lenz

FEB 3, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — Bob Lenz, who speaks to thousands of teenagers every year, thinks the pro-life movement has been…

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