Individualism, Desire and the Christian Self

It is frequently said that we live in an individualistic society. This is not all bad. The fact that individualist philosophy values the individual’s worth is fantastic. Not so fantastic in light of Christian theology is the individualist insistence on rejecting all forms of external interference on one’s interests. This is not simply because of the existence of God, the …

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TGIF (Trash Goes Into Flight): The Bastardization of Creativity

Turn on the radio and you’ll find yourself bathing in the cesspool that is popular music. Whoa, slow down there …

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Confessions of a Failing Radical: Challenges of Walking the Way

This post was inspired by an amicable challenge set forth by my friend Simon Moyle, a peace activist and worthy Twitter …

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! (. . .and Consumerism)

Many Christians are very critical of contemporary sexual culture, and rightly so. But what is the worldview behind this culture …

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