Male and Female: One Image, One Purpose

Male And Female One Image One Purpose

MAR 26, 2014 | BY: MIMI HADDAD — Have you ever wondered why, when a friend announces they’re expecting a child, your first thought is…

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Oh Popularity, I Love Being Loved

Popularity Love Being Loved

DEC 28, 2013 | BY: MIMI HADDAD — I love seeing my name in headlines. I suppose that makes me well, decidedly human. I love being…

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Bible Translation Debates: The Challenge of Changing Language

Have you ever noticed how every day language is used to manipulate and shape rather than describe reality? Here is …

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“Women Should Remain Silent”?

Many of us were raised in churches that taught that women should be silent in the church because of the …

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One Flesh, One Purpose, One Rank

Summer is the season of weddings! Many of us will have the pleasure of celebrating with family and friends as …

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Boys are Warriors and Girls are Princesses?

Have you ever visited your local Christian bookstore as an exercise in gender studies? Notice as you walk down the …

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Ideas Have Consequences

Plato said ideas rule the world. All action begins with an idea. Paul said, “Take every thought captive to Christ …

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