16 Hopes for 2016


I hope 2016 is a year filled with love and holy mischief.

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One Small Step for Evangelicals, One Giant Leap for the Abolition of the Death Penalty


This week, the National Association of Evangelicals issued a new resolution on capital punishment recognizing Christians who work to abolish the death penalty.

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Bombing Hospitals


But on the way out of Iraq, we saw what a hospital looks like after it gets bombed.

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America’s Gun and Heart Problem


We don’t just have a gun problem, we also have a heart problem. We need God to transform both our hearts and our nation.

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Why Philly is the Perfect Place for the Pope to Denounce the Death Penalty


Philadelphia, the City of Love, is a really divine place for his Holiness to denounce death.

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What To Do With My Confederate Flag?


I agree with the growing consensus in our country. The Confederate flag has no place in the public square.

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Death Has Lost Its Sting


I find it hard to find mercy in my heart for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I guess that is why we need God’s help. And I guess that is why it is called “faith”.

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