Naming Injustice


One of the things happening in our world right now is that people are naming injustice. No longer are we just talking about statistics, numbers, and data. We are lifting up the names of the victims of a failed justice system.

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Blessed are the Housekeepers

Housekeeping Appreciation Day 2014

One of the true tests of a good college is how they treat their housekeepers, and certainly a decent indicator of that is how the lowest paid workers fare in contrast to the highest paid administrators.

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A New Conversation on the Death Penalty


Today (Nov. 6) Wheaton College, often called “the Harvard of Christian colleges,” is hosting a forum on the death penalty. But it’s not just any forum.

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A New Sanctuary Movement to Stop Deportations


There is a nonviolent uprising around immigration happening in Philadelphia and a dozen other US cities. Faith leaders announced this week they are building a movement of “sanctuary congregations” and have dreams that the US will one-day be a sanctuary nation.

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A Nonviolent Uprising


This nonviolent uprising has been incredible to watch. A slow, steady, disciplined movement in Ferguson has caught the world’s attention.

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Pilgrimage to Ferguson


Something felt right about going to Ferguson. And something felt right about going with Derrick.

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The Chaplain who Blessed the Hiroshima Bombers, Repents

Hiroshima Bombing1

AUG 6, 2014 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — Sixty-nine years ago, as a Catholic Air Force chaplain, Father George Zabelka blessed…

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