Beating Guns in Memory of Trayvon Martin

RAWtools Forging

May we continue to transform weapons into tools, and turn death into life.

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Death By Blackness?


No one should be killed because they are black.

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Red, White & Blue People


While there are no red, white and blue people – let us thank God that there are black people.

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A Gift for Trump Supporters

Jesus For President 1

I’m giving away FREE books to folks who are thinking about voting for Trump.

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O Amiriyah: A Lament After 25 Years

Amiriyah Shelter

This week — on the anniversary of the bombing of the Amiriyah Shelter — let us recommit ourselves to build a world free of bombs, drones, and other evil things.

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16 Hopes for 2016


I hope 2016 is a year filled with love and holy mischief.

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One Small Step for Evangelicals, One Giant Leap for the Abolition of the Death Penalty


This week, the National Association of Evangelicals issued a new resolution on capital punishment recognizing Christians who work to abolish the death penalty.

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