Are We Training Pastors for Jobs That No Longer Exist?


Attendance in teaching-centric churches has been rapidly declining. But we are still training our ministers and church leaders how to perform in jobs that are rapidly disappearing in an industry that has radically shifted.

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Light of the World in an LED Era


So, as people leave the traditional church—the keeper of the flame—by the tens of thousands, perhaps it’s time to reinterpret what it means to be the light of an LED world.

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I Will Pay 11 Cents — A Response to Papa John’s

Papa Johns

I’ll pay 11 cents, If you will provide health care for the people who work for you. I’ll pay 11 …

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Illusion of the Emerging Church

One of the difficulties I think we will encounter in this conversation is – we have lived with the illusion …

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Rapture Rebel

With the recent headlines, is it any wonder why the world may think that Christians seem to always want to run or …

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A Year Later – Haiti Earthquake

January 12 marks the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 230,000 people. In …

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