Redefining the Messiah Complex

Messiah Complex

  Those of us who work in the world of faith based non-government organizations (NGO´s) are well accustomed to the snubs of our “secular” peers. Often we´re seen as little more than the offspring of overly zealous missionaries who partnered all too well with colonial powers. As a result, we’re constantly attempting to distance ourselves from the stereotype of a …

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The Economy and a Pair of Shoes

Economy And A Pair Of Shoes

BY: TOBIAS ROBERTS — Local is community, and ultimately, what is good for the local community, is good for everything else. Prioritizing…

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The Challenge of the Manger in Bethlehem

Shutterstock 122481751

BY: TOBIAS ROBERTS –From opulent shopping malls in the Unites States to corners of crumbling adobe houses in rural…

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Reverence for the Sacred Land: A Response to Endemic Violence in Central America

For five years I lived and worked in the outskirts of San Salvador with an organization supporting marginalized families living …

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Church Leaders Join Fight Against Italian Energy Giant in Rural Guatemala

Tension filled the cramped, block-wall room in the Guatemalan highlands as indigenous leaders sat across from negotiators for ENEL, an …

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