I Hate Loving Mark Driscoll

Obama Inauguration Driscoll

BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — Rev. Mark Driscoll, founder of Mars Hill church, has a true gift. Just when I think I’m making at least a modicum…

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The Evangelical Reaction to Louie Giglio’s ‘Change of Plans’

Louie Giglio

BY: MICHAEL KIMPAN — Yesterday the internet exploded with Louie Giglio’s ‘change of plans’ as he respectfully…

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Why this Republican Voted for Obama But Is Not (Yet) a Democrat

Shutterstock 117486055

BY: TOM McCROSSAN — All too often, our political choices are who’s the best of two bad options? Or who has fewer faults than…

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Jesus Times Two: “Jesus Beck” or “Jesus the Christ”

Jesus Thumbs Up

BY: KATHY VESTAL — Today though we are confused by two Jesuses, and they don’t resemble each other at all…

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How Do You Vote? Voting our Conscience as Christians

Vote Here

BY: LOGAN MEHL-LAITURI — “Who did you vote for?” is the wrong question to ask. Instead, the real question is “How…

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Fear and Loathing in Fundamentalist Land

Barack Obama1

BY: TOM McCROSSAN — As a life-long Republican and an evangelical minister, I have been appalled at the attitudes…

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The Impossibility of Being President and Following Jesus

President And Following Jesus

BY: KURT WILLEMS — It’s impossible to be the president of the United States and to follow Jesus. This is a radical…

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