A Politics of Selflessness


BY: JOSHUA D. AMBROSIUS — As we vote, let us consider our own, our candidate’s, our party’s commitments to…

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Jesus for President 2012

Jesus For President

BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE & CHRIS HAW — Jesus for President. Amish for Homeland Security. We had some good…

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Franklin Graham’s Religion Is Not His Father’s


Franklin Graham is using the power of his father’s name for his own political agenda. Throughout history there may not …

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Interrupting Inequality — from Wall Street to Your Street

Wall Street Sign

BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — Ten years ago, we threw a party on Wall Street. It was one year after 9/11 and nine years before…

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Kingdom Politics: Sewing the Great Commandment Back Together

Kingdom Politics

BY: MORGAN GUYTON — The challenge of Christians who want to see kingdom values reflected in our society’s politics…

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How Are We Political? A Dialogue between Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne

Shutterstock 115240594

TONY CAMPOLO: Shane, I have a question to ask that may make you squirm a little bit. From hearing you talk …

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