BREAKING: Pennyslvania Judge Blocks Voter ID Law

Voter ID Law

Today, a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge blocked a Voter ID Law that many believed would keep thousands from the polls on …

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Let My People Vote!

Let My People Vote

BY: MORF MORFORD — Several states have changed their voting laws, just a few months before a presidential election…

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Christian Politics – Speak truth. Be truth. That’s it!

Election Day Real Power

BY: KURT WILLEMS — Christian politics. Enough said. This issue continues to divide Christians. I’m convinced that…

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Is Choosing to Not Vote Selfish?

Ishouldvevotedsticker E1349036091584

BY: SHELDON C. GOOD — number of my Christian friends have been talking and writing about how they are not going to vote in the…

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Why We Need to Build This Meme: #JesusIsMyCandidate

Jesus Trending

BY: MORGAN GUYTON — Every Christian who cares more about Jesus than winning arguments or staying…

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Why Abortion Should Not Be Politically Decisive for Christians

Abortion Politically Decisive

BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — I recall years ago on the Sunday before a national election a surprise awaited members of…

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