Staying “On Message” for Jesus

Jesus Is My Candidate

My congregation Burke United Methodist Church is doing a campaign this fall called Jesus is My Candidate: I Vote for …

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(Un)Patriotic – Politics are Ugly


Politics are ugly. Especially in an election year. Recent polls show this election is heating up, and the fury with …

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Covetous Leaders: How the Religious Right gets it Exactly Wrong

Covetous Leaders 2

The authors of the Bible did not write with a constitutional democracy in mind. Nevertheless scripture offers guidance that can …

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How it All Happened: My Prayer at the DNC

Jena Nardella DNC 1

It’s been a whirlwind. I came home from work last Wednesday night, August 29th, flipped through the major network channels …

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God Doesn’t Need our Political Endorsement

Democratic Platform

One of the most disappointing political events I have witnessed this year as a Christian was the clumsy maneuvering two …

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Commendable in an Age of Short Cuts: Kings, Presidents and Prophets

Politics And The Poor

The Presidential campaign has reached a fever-pitch. Exaggeration, half-truths and lies abound as each party scratches and claws toward election …

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