RLC’s New Executive Director!


It is with great excitement that we announce to you our new Executive Director – Don Golden!

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Why I Won’t Watch #RayRice

Janay Rice

Have you seen it? The Ray Rice video? The one where he knocks out his then-fiance, now-wife?

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ISIS vs the Way of Jesus

Isis Fighters

The way of Jesus is the hard way. Forgiveness, love, choosing to lay down our lives is the most difficult path in the face of real enemies. ISIS is real. But love is far more powerful.

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What If It Were Your Son?


What if you were the Brown family? What if your son, who was preparing to leave home and start his college career, was approached by police for either jaywalking or stealing cigars from a store?

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Ebola, Inequality, and the One Who Brings Us Hope


A couple of weeks ago, when news of the Ebola crisis in Africa first broke, my husband Ben said something surprising to me.

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What Historically White Denominations Can Learn From the Republican Party

The Silent Majority

BY: BRUCE REYES-CHOW — The day after election night is like Christmas morning for bloggers and political…

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Franklin Graham’s Religion Is Not His Father’s


Franklin Graham is using the power of his father’s name for his own political agenda. Throughout history there may not …

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