Political Slogans For Christians to Rally Behind

Alternative Political Messages

We can join the culture in shouting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Or we can do something better and point a different way.

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Trump, Jesus, & America’s Crisis


Speaking from a time of crisis himself, Matthew has an important message that we need to hear today in our time of crisis.

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Why I Refuse To Register To Vote

Community As Sacrament

I refuse to register because direct action is the only way to make your city better.

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Seven Ways to Be an Untoxic Christian During a Toxic Presidential Campaign

Untoxic Christian

Can Christians who are passionate and outspoken about our political views voice these views without destroying our witness?

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A Nation In Need Of Healing

Tony A DNC

May all of our political leaders be committed to making America into a people that strive to feed the hungry.

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Jesus Times Two: “Jesus Beck” or “Jesus the Christ”

Jesus Thumbs Up

BY: KATHY VESTAL — Today though we are confused by two Jesuses, and they don’t resemble each other at all…

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How to Lose an Election

Romney Concession Speech

BY: MORF MORFORD — The 2012 election will certainly be noted as a monument to miscalculation and fundamental…

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