A Revival to Hope America


Without a revival to hope America, many who live with their backs against the wall will succumb to despair.

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Acting with Jesus to Interrupt Injustice


In the way of Jesus, we put our bodies on the line to interrupt business as usual.

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Why I Chose to Protest Trump’s Chicago Rally

Fannie Lou Hamer

I’ve been thinking about Donald Trump and his exclusionary and dangerous rhetoric for months. I had been hoping that Donald would fizzle out…

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Why Privileged People Love Quoting MLK


If you’re outspoken on the issue of race, chances are, at one point or another, you’ve had a conversation with a so-called “pacifist” who has cited Martin Luther King. King was nonviolent, they say, so would-be revolutionaries should be patient and think about how they’re pursuing racial justice.

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Why I Could #FloodWallStreet, but Refused to #Occupy It

Flood Wall Street

To dismiss #floodwallstreet would also mean ignoring people like me.

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A Nonviolent Uprising


This nonviolent uprising has been incredible to watch. A slow, steady, disciplined movement in Ferguson has caught the world’s attention.

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Labor Day Lessons: What I’ve Learned From Workers About Hope For Our Times


This summer, I marched with McDonald’s workers from three dozen cities to the company’s corporate headquarters outside of Chicago.

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