Stop Conflating #BlackLivesMatter with Violence Against Police

Hillary Obama

Racism happens all the time without my permission. I don’t get to choose the risk. I am – my Blackness is – the risk. It is not the same.

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Rev. Barber’s Moral Vision for America

William Barber

Who is this Rev. Barber? Anyone who hears his moral vision for America will want to know.

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The Deeper Truth Our Nation Needs

Revival Philly

I don’t know what the Democrats are talking about tonight down at the Wells Fargo Center. But I am pretty sure it doesn’t match the depth of truth-telling that has happened in this room tonight.

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Why I Support Hillary for President


I like Hillary Clinton. We are personal friends. But that’s not the only reason why I am hoping she becomes our next president.

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What Trump Deserves From Evangelicals

RevBarberandJWH RLC

Trump is right: a candidate who is not willing to endorse the basic commitments of Jesus doesn’t deserve our support.

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Law & Order or Justice & Love

Celebrating Martin Luther King

Given the anxiety and instability in our current moment, Dr. King asks the critical question: Are we as Americans going to seek a politics of law and order or a politics of justice and love?

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We Stand With Love


Loving protesters can take their stand, not against anyone as an enemy, but with and for love for one another, not raising threatening fists or pointing accusing fingers, but simply standing with open arms and hearts full of love.

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