It’s the Great Trunk or Treat, Charlie Brown


Yes, it’s time for Trunk or Treat; the most sterile, abstract, safe night of your kids’ life. I can almost hear Linus now…

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I Was Hungry & You Fed Me… Even When It Was Illegal


Beginning this Friday, October 31st, it is illegal to feed a person on the street in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, laws against feeding the homeless are now on the books in 21 US cities.

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Parenting On Our Knees


It is slowly dawning on us that no matter what happens to us or our kids, we will be parents for the rest of our lives.

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Standing With the Criminal Christ


The one time Jesus expresses violence is to protest a powerful system of institutionalized racism. Christians fond of asking, “What would Jesus do,” can follow Jesus’ example by protesting and changing systems of racial injustice today.

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A Moral Monday Letter to Ferguson

Moral Mondays

I bring you greetings and offer solidarity from the Forward Together Moral Monday Movement in North Carolina.

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Girls: The Hope of the Future


Over the past few days, my four year-old, Ruby, has asked some profound and provocative questions that have both challenged and brought us much hope for the future.

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Where Gone Girl Goes Wrong


SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals key plot twists in the recently-released film Gone Girl directed by David Fincher. The bottom line? I want my money back, and my dignity too.

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