Democracy Demands Community-Oriented Policing: Accept No Substitutes


As people of faith we need to press forward and encourage police to work with us and, together, build strong communities — one neighborhood at a time. That’s what police in a democracy do and that’s what we must expect and encourage from our city’s leaders.

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The Execution of Walter Scott


The shooting of Walter Scott was not an accident, but an execution.

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Remembering Gardner C Taylor: Evangelicals Need Social Conscience


Evangelicals need a social conscience about the people who are least defended and most vulnerable in the society. If Christianity is not that, forget about it.

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Holy Week in an Unholy World


It is a Holy Week. Death does not get the last word. There is a movement happening – and this movement is about life.

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Washing the Feet of the Homeless


The Spirit of Jesus is very present on the Bowery. It is humbling to wash feet, and it is evident that it is often humbling for many of the men to have their feet washed.

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This Holy Week, End the Death Penalty


As Christians preparing for the holy days of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross, we speak out with renewed urgency against the death penalty.

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A Holy Week Call to End Interposition of Loretta Lynch Nomination


Specifically, we ask each of you, during this Holy Week, when courage, love, and justice triumphed over fear, hatred and injustice, to announce your support for U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch for the Attorney General of the United States of America.

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