Why I Could #FloodWallStreet, but Refused to #Occupy It

Flood Wall Street

To dismiss #floodwallstreet would also mean ignoring people like me.

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Acting Like A State: ISIS, the US, and Jesus as Lord


But ISIS is different. It aims to be a state on the world stage and uses a Western name for its territory–the Levant. ISIS isn’t subverting Western dominance. It’s confronting it head on.

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Why I Won’t Watch #RayRice

Janay Rice

Have you seen it? The Ray Rice video? The one where he knocks out his then-fiance, now-wife?

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ISIS vs the Way of Jesus

Isis Fighters

The way of Jesus is the hard way. Forgiveness, love, choosing to lay down our lives is the most difficult path in the face of real enemies. ISIS is real. But love is far more powerful.

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Step by Step, Block by Block: Letting Ferguson Change Us


We were part of a movement that is building step by step, block by block. The folks we met did not want vengeance and did not want officer Darren Wilson killed. They want an end to killing.

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The Dignity of Work: What I Learned from Jesus and Mr. Jefferson

Labor 540

I grew up believing the myth that poverty is out there, somewhere else in the world. I was taught that if you work hard enough, you can make it out of poverty in America.

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Labor Day Lessons: What I’ve Learned From Workers About Hope For Our Times


This summer, I marched with McDonald’s workers from three dozen cities to the company’s corporate headquarters outside of Chicago.

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