Thanksgiving Day: Being Grateful for Us


Generating thanks based on national myths that hide more truth than they display has no role in the worship life of Christian churches

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Are We Making Police More Dangerous by Saying They’re Endangered?


We need to insistently challenge the claim that police face great danger.

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What I Got Wrong About the Civil Rights Movement

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As I continue to learn and grow, the events of the past and the present no longer seem so far apart.

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Put the Refugee Jesus Back Into Christmas


We worship a refugee baby who survived Herod’s violence because his parents carried him across borders in an act of love.

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Jesus Commands You to Welcome Refugees


If we turn our backs on the Syrian refugees, we reject as irrelevant the claims of Jesus.

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Paris Must Not Be Another 9/11


It is not too late to turn hatred into love and forgiveness. There is still time to mourn and seek comfort.The whole world is ready to feel the pain with you.

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Centurions Guild’s Armistice Appeal


This week Centurions Guild has started an Armistice Appeal, a call to begin putting an end to alienating stories told about Christian soldiers.

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