Life After SCOTUS

SCOTUS Reaction

Leading up to – and in the immediate wake of – the SCOTUS decision in support of marriage equality in all 50 states, a number of religious and faith community leaders contacted me asking, ‘how should we respond?’

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What To Do With My Confederate Flag?


I agree with the growing consensus in our country. The Confederate flag has no place in the public square.

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Lay Her to Rest: On the Confederate Flag After Charleston


Parents who love God and love their neighbors need to teach their kids the truth and stop buying the lie of “southern pride” associated with that flag.

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A Native American’s Lament for #CharlestonShooting

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I lament that the United States of America does not share a common memory and therefore is incapable of experiencing true community.

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Making Sense of the Charleston Shooting


In a black church that was burned down by its white neighbors almost 200 years ago, the murder of nine sisters and brothers makes far too much sense. It is in keeping with a story that black folks know too well.

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Responding to the Cry of the Natural World

Pope Francis

What would it mean to live at peace with one another, coming to know ourselves as one body in Christ, experiencing brother/sister-hood with all the living things that God has made?

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Bless the Good: How Red Letter Christians Bear Witness to God’s Love

Blessing Hand

Maybe the greatest danger of all is that we who follow Jesus have been so concerned about whether we’ve got our position right on this that we fail to remember that there is good news. And that we share that good news not by shouting that we’re right, but by blessing what is good.

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