Ferguson: Reading From a Script


In the background is where the story is most dangerous. Inside of us, black and white, it lies unexamined and ready to pounce: like HIV, attacking our immune system and making us vulnerable to hatred and death.

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Pilgrimage to Ferguson


Something felt right about going to Ferguson. And something felt right about going with Derrick.

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Don’t Let Anyone Look Down On Your Youth


This summer a high school student shared with me, her pastor, that she was stressed beyond belief.

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Moral Week of Action, Day 3: Equal Protection Under the Law

Moral Monday Stage Img

George was not the first person to tell me that young black men in Durham feel hunted by the police. For nearly a decade, I heard this from a generation of teens and young adults in Durham, North Carolina’s Walltown neighborhood.

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Moral Week of Action, Day 2: Education


Ms. Price was my kindergarten teacher. Ms. Price was not only my kindergarten teacher, she was also my Sunday school teacher.

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What If It Were Your Son?


What if you were the Brown family? What if your son, who was preparing to leave home and start his college career, was approached by police for either jaywalking or stealing cigars from a store?

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Go to Hell: God’s Gracious Word to American Christians


“When I was in prison,” Jesus said in Matthew 25, “you visited me.” We find Jesus in prison because prison is where Jesus has established residence here on Earth. We don’t visit to take Jesus to inmates. We follow Jesus into the hell of America’s prison because this is the way God has revealed for us to receive the gift of resurrection life.

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