Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar


Memorial Day rightfully is America’s holiday. But it is not one of the Church’s holy days and it should not be treated as though it is.

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Zika, Love, Motherhood and Injustice: A Letter to Kalissandra de Olivera


I thought your story was about Zika but it wasn’t about Zika at all. It was about love, and the courage and faith that turns death into life.

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Lord, Save Us From Your Followers


What is the value system of a society that threatens harassment and violence to someone who needs to urinate? I can’t help thinking of the prayer, “Please Lord, save us from your followers!”

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Of Sex, Gender and the Universe

How Great Thou Art

The Holy Spirit after all, that is always pushing us into wild mysteries of the universe, until we humbly declare, “My God! How great Thou art!”

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Confessing a Silence that Kills


My silence may have made the Tyler Clementi’s of the world feel that they are alone.

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Pardon Us, Friends: Remembering Fr. Dan & the Catonsville 9


48 years ago today, the “Catonsville Nine,” went into a Selective Service offices in Catonsville, Maryland.

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Kent Annan’s Slow Kingdom Coming

Slow Kingdom Coming

The work of building God’s kingdom is anything but quick but we believe justice will come, and we are willing to give our lives to living out that belief.

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