God Will Provide: Hope After Christendom


American Christians should be more confident in our God and less confident in our institutions. The crumbling of status quo Christianity is a good thing for Jesus, who detested the Pharisees.

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Learning to See: Which Stories Matter If Black Lives Matter?


White gang war gets two days of coverage. Black gang peace gets five seconds of coverage. Do you think Black Lives Matter?

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4 Tips for Following Jesus in an Election Season


We live in a system where elections matter because they determine who will make decisions that impact people created in the image of God and with infinite worth.

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Josh Duggar & the Bondage of Our Souls


We must rescue our hearts and minds from the political bondage that has stolen our souls.

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Been Down Into the South: A 21st-Century Freedom Ride (Part 2)

Nonviolence Workshop

Once you’ve been down into the South, nonviolence isn’t as neat and simple as it seemed when you learned about it in a US history class.

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Been Down Into the South: A 21st-Century Freedom Ride (Part 1)


When we pay attention, there’s a fire at the heart of our shared life in America. The question Baltimore is forcing us to consider is whether we will be consumed by these flames or saved from them?

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Death Has Lost Its Sting


I find it hard to find mercy in my heart for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I guess that is why we need God’s help. And I guess that is why it is called “faith”.

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