An Eye For An Eye Makes the Bible Blind

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Too often our actions and politics suggest we really admire the text about ‘an eye for an eye.’

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Acting with Jesus to Interrupt Injustice


In the way of Jesus, we put our bodies on the line to interrupt business as usual.

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Death By Blackness?


No one should be killed because they are black.

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Red, White & Blue People


While there are no red, white and blue people – let us thank God that there are black people.

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Why I Changed My Mind


God is love. And with that simple, beautiful fact, I changed my mind.

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Why I Got Arrested at the US Capitol


I was arrested today in Washington, DC, for insisting that the Federal government defend the 15th amendment to the US Constitution and protect Americans’ voting rights.

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Time for a Moral Revolution of Values

Moral Revivial Raleigh

The Revival is a call for us. We need a moral revolution of values. The truth must be told.

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