BlackLivesMatter, and Not Just on the Street


If #BlackLivesMatter, I encourage you to think about ways you can make that clear in your family, church, and organizational culture today. This isn’t just the responsibility of police officers. It’s something all of us need to work on.

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Jesus Was Tortured to End All Torture


I grieve over torture. I grieve not only for those subjected to abuse no human being should be forced to endure.

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Two Torture Reports


The recent Torture Report should be a wakeup call to American Christians about what happens when the love of Christ is replaced by the fear, hate, power, and influence of a sinful world.

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Naming Injustice


One of the things happening in our world right now is that people are naming injustice. No longer are we just talking about statistics, numbers, and data. We are lifting up the names of the victims of a failed justice system.

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Christmas 2014: Hope in the Shadow of Ferguson and Ray Rice


Hope was reborn in Jesus underneath the star. When I looked at that silly styrofoam star last night, I remembered Christmas. It caught me. It stopped me. It reminded me that – all evidence to the contrary – what wins in the end is not earthly power but faith, hope and love

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Be Not Afraid: Loving the Police When #ICan’tBreathe


Be not afraid. God has spoken these words to his people throughout history through angels and dreams. From Genesis to Revelation. “fear not” is repeated. It’s not a suggestion; it’s a command

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How the Unimaginable Happens


How does the unimaginable happen? How can human beings commit such atrocities against one another?

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