A Harvest of Shame, A Harvest of Hope

Kingdom Of God Built On Vegetables

As America celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, the words of Amos have a new-found poignancy to me.

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No Matter the Verdict, Ferguson Loses


Michael Brown’s death, while extremely tragic, was just one example of a greater issue: the police and the public have become enemies in our society.

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Taking Food From the Mouths of the Hungry


On the first day the ordinance banning outdoor feeding of homeless people went into effect, I gave away apples and packaged food items while the local Food Not Bombs group offered hot meals to dozens of homeless friends in the downtown Stranahan Park.

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Embracing Brokenness


  EDITOR’S NOTE: For the past 25 years, Bryan Stevenson has worked to heal the wounds of racism and poverty …

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2014 Midterm Elections: What Does Jesus Say?

Election Day Real Power

On Tuesday in a Chicago suburb I stood in line to vote in front of an African-American man.

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A New Conversation on the Death Penalty


Today (Nov. 6) Wheaton College, often called “the Harvard of Christian colleges,” is hosting a forum on the death penalty. But it’s not just any forum.

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Election Day Dialog: How Are We Political?


To be nonpartisan doesn’t mean we’re nonpolitical. We should refuse to get sucked into political camps and insist on pulling the best out of all of them.

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