When Immigration Takes a Human Face

Immigration Takes A Face

APRIL 21, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — As the “immigration issue” continues to be discussed in our country, for me, it is becoming…

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NY Times Letter Calls for Pope Francis to End Harm to LGBT Youth

NY Times Letter To Pope Francis LGBT Youth

APRIL 13, 2014 | BY: RLC EDITOR — Pope Francis’ election over one year ago brought a wave of anticipation of change in the Catholic…

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Holy Week is a Good Time to Get Arrested with Jesus

Jarrod McKenna Protest Kate Ausburn

APRIL 10, 2014 | BY: JARROD MCKENNA — “If ever there was a peaceful protest, this was it.” These are not the words of an activist…

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World Vision, like Pilate, Almost Did the Just Thing

World Vision USA Peggy Campolo

APRIL 4, 2014 | BY: PEGGY CAMPOLO — World Vision USA’s announcement that it was revising its employees handbook by…

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The Pain of a Gay Man

Pain Of A Gay Man

APRIL 2, 2014 | BY: ANONYMOUS — For twenty-four hours my friend breathed a little easier and thought   “There may be a place…

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Gay Marriage, World Vision and a Unified Church?

Gay Marriage World Vision And A Unified Church Jon Huckins

APRIL 2, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — It has been a tough go for the Church in the United States over the past couple months…

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One response to the troubles of World Vision

World Vision Tony Campolo

MAR 31, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — The Board of Directors of World Vision USA tried to make room within their organization…

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