Life Lines from Death Row


A new project has emerged called Life Lines. It’s pretty revolutionary–and the first of its kind.

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Christianity is Not a White Western Religion


Either we will have a Christianity that is Western or we will have a Christianity based on the truth of the Bible, one that can transcend culture. When you separate it from its roots, the whitewashed Western, and often American, version hurts everyone, including white people.

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Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman’s Journey with Depression and Faith

Bipolar Faith

Being honest about my mental health and living faithfully with it has pushed me out of a simple faith.

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Helping the Church Navigate Our Racialized Society


White supremacy isn’t about “good” and “bad” people; it’s about a racialized society.

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Michelle Higgins: Continuing the Activism of Jesus

Michelle Higgins

Michelle Higgins drew national attention when she spoke at InterVarsity’s Urbana Conference on December 28, 2015. InterVarsity publically affirmed the Black Lives Matter movement, which was seen by many as a bold step for the evangelical campus ministry.

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Ferguson and Faith


Fergusons are all around us, and there is a Ferguson near you.

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The American Way and The Jesus Way in Conflict

Brian Zahnd Headshot

In the civil religion of America, the Jesus way and the American way have been conflated into the same mode of being human.

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