Back to School: Learning to Love God’s Good Earth


I’ve started seeing school buses on my walk into work each morning, which makes me reminisce about my teaching days. One of my best memories: going green at the high school where I taught for four years.

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Beam me up Goddy: Eschatology, Dualism, and Creation Care

Beam Me Up Goddy

JULY 25, 2014 | BY: MICK POPE — Cultural reference asides I think a good deal of both secular and Christian eschatology reflects this idea…

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Following Christ as a Lunatic Grass Farmer: An Interview with Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin

JULY 7, 2014 | BY: JAMIE CALLOWAY-HANAUER — Joel Salatin is a grass-farmer in Swoope, Virginia, where he and his family own and operate Polyface Farms…

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A Theology of Farts and Orgasms

A Theology Of Farts And Orgasms

JUNE 11, 2014 | BY: MICK POPE — A theology of farts and orgasms reminds us we are spiritual animals, not bound for heaven but a renewed heavens…

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Creation Care Literally Stinks

Creation Care Literally Stinks Ed Cyzewski

JAN 29, 2014 BY: ED CYZEWSKI — Our house rabbits play a significant role in one of our contributions to creation care. In fact, their contribution…

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My Response to the Typhoon in the Philippines

Tony Campolo Typhoon In Philippines

NOV 14, 2013 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — The super-storm typhoon that devastated the Philippines last Friday left an unconfirmed estimate…

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Now on the Red Carpet: Tracey Bianchi

Tracey Bianchi

OCT 21, 2013 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — After traveling to Malawi this year with Evangelical Environmental Network I wanted to learn…

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