Creation Care and Flourishing Ecosystems

Caribou Photo

We know not what we do when we allow species to disappear from the earth forever.

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Creation Has a Future in God


The good news in Colossians 1:13-23 is that Christ reconciles “all things” to himself. This includes the human as well as the nonhuman, so creation has a future in God.

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Why I Could #FloodWallStreet, but Refused to #Occupy It

Flood Wall Street

To dismiss #floodwallstreet would also mean ignoring people like me.

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Why I’m Marching About Climate Change


Today people are coming together around the globe to march on climate change. I’ll be marching as well, not in spite of my faith but because of it.

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A Day At The Beach: Theology Under The Sun

Beach 1

As spring is struggling to establish itself here in Australia, summer is ending in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope my US friends are enjoying the last of the sun, and with it time on the beach.

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Back to School: Learning to Love God’s Good Earth


I’ve started seeing school buses on my walk into work each morning, which makes me reminisce about my teaching days. One of my best memories: going green at the high school where I taught for four years.

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Beam me up Goddy: Eschatology, Dualism, and Creation Care

Beam Me Up Goddy

JULY 25, 2014 | BY: MICK POPE — Cultural reference asides I think a good deal of both secular and Christian eschatology reflects this idea…

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