Abraham’s (Many) Women

Matthias Stom Sarah Leading Hagar To Abraham

OCT 3, 2013 | BY: MORF MORFORD — It always amazes me to see the Bible held up as a model for contemporary families and relationships…

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Beyond Cyberbullying: How Words Can Kill


OCT 2, 2013 | BY: YAHOLO HOYT — The news this year has brought us a steady stream of stories about cyberbullying leading to suicide…

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What Are You Working For?

Why Are You Working

AUGUST 22, 2013 | BY: MICAH BALES — Why are you working for? Whether you are a school teacher, an electrician, or a volunteer at…

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Now on the Red Carpet: Penny and Amy Julia Becker

Amy Julia Becker

AUGUST 19, 2013 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — Today we’re chatting with 7 ½ year-old Penny Becker and her mom, Amy Julia Becker…

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Joy in Failure

Joy In Failure

AUGUST 6, 2013 | BY: JOHN WATSON — As adults, we place a lot of importance on success. One of the worst things an adult can call…

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Masturbation and the Spiritual Life

Shutterstock 121600924

JULY 11, 2013 | BY: T.C. RYAN — There is a growing conversation around masturbation and relationships. It’s a good thing to have…

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