Beyond Liberal and Conservative: A vision of unity for a divided church

Unified Church

FEB 14, 2014 | BY: SHAWN CASSELBERRY — Some have said we are the divided states of America.  Divided between blue and red states…

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Shall We Celebrate the 1%?

One Percent

OCT 18, 2013 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — It continues to amaze me that there are Christians who seem to be much more interested in defending…

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Financial Help and Health Care Aren’t “Crack” For Those in Need

Financial Help And Health Care

OCT 4, 2013 | BY: JAMIE CALLOWAY-HANAUER — When I was a young newlywed and first-time mom, the older women from my church…

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The theology of government shutdown: Christian dominionism

Rafael Cruz

OCT 1, 2013 | BY: MORGAN GUYTON — On the eve of our government shutdown, I wanted to do some research into the theological…

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The Government Shutdown – Fairness Over Love

Government Shutdown

OCT 1, 2013 | BY: ALISE WRIGHT — Today 800,000 government employees got an unpaid vacation and countless more get the unpaid…

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Interests of the Wealthy Elite and Myth of Government “Inefficiency”

Myth Of Government Inefficiency

SEPT 25, 2013 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — It is to the advantage of the power and wealth elite to convince others that the government…

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Hating the Poor but Loving Jesus?

Hating The Poor But Loving Jesus

SEPT 10, 2013 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — The haters of the poor look at poverty and claim that the moral character of the poor is so deficient…

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