Red Letter Christians Reflect on Iran Nuclear Deal Negotiated by John Kerry


Shouldn’t we as Red Letter Christians try to implement Biblical ways to deal with Iran?

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Demythologising Our World: Francis Gets Behind The Causes of Climate Change


“In following Francis Bacon as seeing the world around us as nature rather than creation, we have abused it”

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Finding Hope in Nepal


As the world mourns with Nepal, many of us are wondering how we can help.

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Soccer In Kinshasha & Why We’re So Unhappy


Sometimes we hide our joy, we cover up the Kingdom of Heaven, and we become so terribly unhappy, covering up our unhappiness with possessions and addictions.

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I Am A Teenage Female Suicide Bomber


On Tuesday a teenage female suicide bomber, likely affiliated with Boko Haram, set off an explosive in a marketplace in Maiduguri, Nigeria, killing herself and 33 other people. This could be her story, as I imagine it.

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War, War, and More War


This U.S. complicity with Israel’s crimes greatly erodes Washington’s influence for change in the region and helps drive the very thing Bibi crowed about on Capitol Hill.

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Immigrants from the North


As global forces continue to shuffle people and their families across borders, may our communities of Christ-followers be a refuge and blessing to our fellow brothers and sisters, and in doing so become a beacon guiding the way for others seeking healing community.

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