Jim Foley, ISIS, and What I Learned from Being Kidnapped


We sat on mats in a traditional sitting room in a remote village of northwestern Iraq. One of our captors guarded the door with his assault rifle at the other end of the room.

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Ebola, Inequality, and the One Who Brings Us Hope


A couple of weeks ago, when news of the Ebola crisis in Africa first broke, my husband Ben said something surprising to me.

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The Bible says ‘Mourn’ for Iraq and Gaza before you tweet for it!

Mourn For Gaza And Israel

AUG 12, 2014 | BY: MATT DARVAS — Like it or not, the world is at war. However most of the time, we don’t give it a second thought…

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War, Women, and Children

War Women And Children

AUG 8, 2014 | BY: PETE NEWLOVE — We should remember the women of Israel who live under the threat of indiscriminate rockets…

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The Chaplain who Blessed the Hiroshima Bombers, Repents

Hiroshima Bombing1

AUG 6, 2014 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — Sixty-nine years ago, as a Catholic Air Force chaplain, Father George Zabelka blessed…

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It’s time to review our recent Middle East history and recalibrate our reactions

Actions In Middle East

AUG 6, 2014 | BY: JIM HOOKER — I got up this morning thinking about writing a blog post about the horrible carnage taking place in…

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From Anne Frank to Gaza

140731180639 07 Anne Frank 0731 Restricted Horizontal Gallery

AUG 4, 2014 | BY: JOHN WATSON — Seventy years ago today, on a hot August day, the Dutch hiding place of Anne Frank and her family…

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