I Am A Teenage Female Suicide Bomber


On Tuesday a teenage female suicide bomber, likely affiliated with Boko Haram, set off an explosive in a marketplace in Maiduguri, Nigeria, killing herself and 33 other people. This could be her story, as I imagine it.

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War, War, and More War


This U.S. complicity with Israel’s crimes greatly erodes Washington’s influence for change in the region and helps drive the very thing Bibi crowed about on Capitol Hill.

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Immigrants from the North


As global forces continue to shuffle people and their families across borders, may our communities of Christ-followers be a refuge and blessing to our fellow brothers and sisters, and in doing so become a beacon guiding the way for others seeking healing community.

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Nonviolence in the Face of ISIS?


One thing is for sure: It’s impossible to argue for nonviolence using the violent logic of Empire. Those of us who are committed to the nonviolent way of Jesus simply can’t explain our conviction in terms that the mainstream culture will find satisfying.

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Merry Climate and a Gift of Peace


On Thursday, a group of Jesus and justice junkies will deliver some crowd funded solar panels to our Prime Minister on behalf of many of us who chipped in a few bob. We really want to wish our Catholic brother Merry Climate… err, I mean Christmas.

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After 25 Years: Remembering the Fall of the Berlin Wall


The biggest news by far that year was on November 9th when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, literally overnight.

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Happy Birthday, Haiti Partners!


I will never forget the day I was trying to eat dinner in a Port-au-Prince restaurant. As I was about to put my fork into the steak that was on my plate, I happened to look to the window on my right.

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