What Christian Aid Worker Can’t Even Stop Child Labour being used at his Own House?

Child Labor In Own House Matt Darvas

JULY 20, 2014 | BY: MATT DARVAS — It all seemed so easy when I was a young student activist crying out, “End child labour now!” It…

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A Small Step Towards Peace in Israel-Palestine

Small Step Towards Peace In Israel Palestine

JULY 18, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — Jesus once said that if we are faithful in little things, He would make us the ruler over great things…

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“Peace and Justice Have Kissed”: Conflict Resolution in Israel-Palestine

Israel Palestine Conflict

Israeli bombs demolish Gaza. Hamas rockets launch toward Israel. Palestinians die in scores. Israelis take cover amidst the wailing sirens. …

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(de)Escalating Violence and the Human Story in Israel/Palestine

DeEscalating Violence In Israel Palestine

JULY 9, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — I was sitting in the airport the other day listening to yet another account of the current events unfolding…

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The Rapes and Hangings in India: the Tragedy of Us and Them

Violence In India

JUNE 29, 2014 | BY: JOHN WATSON — Rape is endemic in India, with a reported rape every 22 minutes. Add to that the unreported rapes…

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Left Behind, Failed Peace and the Human Implications of (bad) Theology

End Is Near

JUNE 24, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — Here is the question we must ask: As followers of Jesus, how does speculating about the eschaton (Final Things…

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A (Jewish) Biblical Case for Divestment

PCUSA Divests

JUNE 23, 2014 | BY: MATT RINDGE — The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) voted Friday to divest finances from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola…

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