When Immigration Takes a Human Face

Immigration Takes A Face

APRIL 21, 2014 | BY: JON HUCKINS — As the “immigration issue” continues to be discussed in our country, for me, it is becoming…

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Holy Week is a Good Time to Get Arrested with Jesus

Jarrod McKenna Protest Kate Ausburn

APRIL 10, 2014 | BY: JARROD MCKENNA — “If ever there was a peaceful protest, this was it.” These are not the words of an activist…

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Confessions of an Arizona Discriminator

Arizona Discriminator

FEB 28, 2014 | BY: AUSTIN THOMAS — I’m a serial discriminator. White, millennial, college-educated. I should know better…

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Why Dual Citizenship = Treason

Dual Citizenship Treason

FEB 6, 2014 | BY: LANCE SCHAUBERT — There is no such thing dual citizenship in Heaven. That’s a theological lie told to passive people…

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Walmart Joins the Fair Food Program with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

CIW Walmart

JAN 17, 2014 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — Critique Walmart all you want (I sure have), but this is an unprecedented move that will mean…

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Happy Birthday Publix!

Publix Protest

SEPT 6, 2013 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — Sept. 6, 1930 Publix corporation was born.  I can’t imagine a better way for Publix to celebrate…

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Courage that is Contagious: Take Action Today to Bring Home the DREAM 9

NoglesWall DREAMers

AUGUST 1, 2013 | BY: MARYADA VALLET & STEVE PAVEY — Since their arrest, the DREAM 9 have been on hunger strike because of…

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