Key Christian Leaders Issue a Statement for Peace from Christians–to Iran and Israel

Israel Iran Flags E1459953536756

Peace is among the highest values of three of the world’s greatest religions.

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Acting Like A State: ISIS, the US, and Jesus as Lord


But ISIS is different. It aims to be a state on the world stage and uses a Western name for its territory–the Levant. ISIS isn’t subverting Western dominance. It’s confronting it head on.

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A #BringBackOur Girls Confession


I want to look hard, unflinchingly into your eyes, breathe deeply, and confess to you this ugly thing that I have seen in myself.

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ISIS vs the Way of Jesus

Isis Fighters

The way of Jesus is the hard way. Forgiveness, love, choosing to lay down our lives is the most difficult path in the face of real enemies. ISIS is real. But love is far more powerful.

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Jim Foley, ISIS, and What I Learned from Being Kidnapped


We sat on mats in a traditional sitting room in a remote village of northwestern Iraq. One of our captors guarded the door with his assault rifle at the other end of the room.

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Two (or Three) Things NOT to Say About Your Short-Term Mission Trip


Last night I was reading a book by a young woman who moved to Africa as a teenager. Her story stirred up a lot of feelings, both positive and negative, for me.

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Now on the Red Carpet: Sami Rasouli

Sami Rasouli

AUGUST 5, 2013 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — He’d been living in Minnesota when, in 2003, Sami Rasouli returned to his homeland of Iraq…

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