A Gay Christian’s Journey: And God Save Judy Garland

And God Save Judy Garland

JULY 26, 2014 | BY: BRIAN MCLAREN — There’s a kind of unique club in the world called “friends of Tony and Peggy Campolo.” I’m a grateful…

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Religious Exceptions Have No Scriptural Basis

Obama Executive Order

JULY 15, 2014 | BY: EMILY TIMBOL — In the wake of President Obama’s promise to sign an executive order barring discrimination against…

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Love is Louder, Still!

CNN Im Sorry

JULY 2, 2014 | BY: MICHAEL KIMPAN — In spite of the 20 foot tall signs and bullhorns used by the protestors spewing words of hate, our simple signs…

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Five Reasons Churches Need to “Come Out” on LGBTQ Rights

Churches Need To Stand Up For LGBTQ Rights

JUNE 26, 2014 | BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — Our entire family, including my wife, Rev. Amy Piatt, and my two kids, took part in the Portland Gay Pride parade…

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Is the Gay Thing Worth Splitting a Church? Definitely Not, and Definitely Yes.

Should A Church Split Over Gay Marriage

JUNE 19, 2014 | BY: KATHY VESTAL — Beyond the essentials of the faith, there is room for our diversity. We have different opinions about…

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“I Don’t Love This Religion Anymore”: A Conversation With Zach Phelps-Roper

Zach Phelps Roper

JUNE 6, 2014 | BY: BEN COREY — It doesn’t get more “formerly fundie” than leaving Westboro Baptist Church. And that’s exactly what Zach Phelps-Roper…

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What’s the difference between homophobia and standing up for “Christian values?” The answer lies in a postage stamp.

Harvey Milk Stamps

JUNE 5, 2014 | BY: KRISTEN HOWERTON — Angered by the recent release of a postage stamp honoring gay-rights activist Harvey Milk, the American…

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