I Will Not Betray You With Silence

Silence 1

I’m standing with the LBGTQ community.

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Straight and Scared

Orlando Memorial

I hope and long for a time when we aren’t so incredibly fearful–when we may love the same, though we may think and live differently.

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Tragedy in Orlando: How to Reduce Violence

Vigil Picture

Fear is a story that hurts, partly by how it distorts reality. Love is a story that heals without denying wounds

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Of Sex, Gender and the Universe

How Great Thou Art

The Holy Spirit after all, that is always pushing us into wild mysteries of the universe, until we humbly declare, “My God! How great Thou art!”

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Taking a Stand Against HB-2 in North Carolina

Stop Discrimination

This year, instead of the usual ritual of footwashing, I traveled with a group of LGBTQ students to Raleigh.

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SCOTUS’ Silence & the Way of Jesus


On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) surprised the nation when it refused to further wade into the contentious waters of the debate over same-sex marriage.

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Saved By Bitterness? Fighting With A Whole Heart


“Why is being bitter such a bad thing?” I ask Rush on one of our regular night walks. Amelia strains her neck into a bush of monkey grass while I continue. “I mean, I don’t recommend it for everyone, but is being bitter a sin?”

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