A Plea to Women for Forgiveness

A Plea To Women For Forgiveness

APRIL 17, 2014 | BY: MICHAEL JOHN CUSICK — C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a wonderful idea, until they…

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Millennials: Anti-Social, Selfish, & Afraid?


APRIL 17, 2014 | BY: BRANDAN ROBERTSON — For far too long, millennials have been criticized because of our excessive use of…

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The Surprises and Promises of Spring

The Surprises And Promises Of Spring

APRIL 15, 2014 | BY: LINDA BRENDLE — Spring is my favorite time of year because it’s so full of promise. Although it’s been…

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The Hardest Part Of Christian Parenting: Wanting Our Children to Actually Be Like Jesus

Parenting As A Christian

APRIL 11, 2014 | BY: STEPHEN MATTSON — In many ways the Easter story is about parenting: a father allowing his only…

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WWJD is Wrong


APRIL 9, 2014 | BY: JOHN WATSON — Life is made of small things. WWJD often doesn’t fit neatly into life’s little dramas. But…

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The Comedian & the Christian: Narnia, Žižek, Zombies, Evolution & the Joke of Christianity

Comedian And The Christian Jarrod McKenna

APRIL 3, 2014 | BY: JARROD MCKENNA — This was fun. Cambridge Educated ex-lawyer turned Australia comedian, Alice Fraser…

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What Caring Looks Like (and how we got it wrong with World Vision)

What Caring Looks Like

MAR 31, 2014 | BY: AUSTIN THOMAS — I spent last Saturday walking around Anthem, AZ. It’s a strip of outlet malls and a Wal-Mart…

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