Practicing Generosity: Giving Circles for the Kingdom


We are about to participate in our third Generosity Dinner. In a few hours, some needs of people we know and care about will be met.

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Eat, Sleep, Pray: Spiritual Practices with Newborns


With a summer baby we slip into bed while the sun is still setting and get up after the sky is already bathed in light. But still we haven’t slept a solid stretch. Because all night he is nursing.

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Cultivating a Lived Faith: Spiritual Practices for Activists and Contemplatives

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Some Christians find themselves more naturally inclined toward activism—toward throwing themselves into the mix of it all. Others find that contemplation—an orientation toward rhythms of silence, prayer, intercession, etc.—is a more apt way to express their faith.

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Coming Home: A Friend’s Return from Prison


Three weeks ago, I sat in a prison’s small, sterile waiting lobby on a Sunday morning, alone. We’d waited for this day for seven and a half years.

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Back to School: Learning to Love God’s Good Earth


I’ve started seeing school buses on my walk into work each morning, which makes me reminisce about my teaching days. One of my best memories: going green at the high school where I taught for four years.

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Blessed Are… Those People?


As a middle class American girl growing up in rural Baptist churches, I learned that the Kingdom of God means heaven, and that heaven is like the gated communities we have here on earth (except even richer… and with endless church services).

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A Better Way to Talk About Homosexuality in the Church


Many Christians no longer believe it’s possible to speak about homosexuality without drawing battle lines.Yet there is a better way. I’ve seen it.

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