What To Do When Your Backpack Is Full of Cash


When he pulled the hat away, I saw inside. The entire backpack was full of singles, fives, some tens, a twenty.

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Where Gone Girl Goes Wrong


SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals key plot twists in the recently-released film Gone Girl directed by David Fincher. The bottom line? I want my money back, and my dignity too.

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These Royals Make You Believe In God


But when the Royals win the Wild Card and play in October for the first time in 29 years, Jesus smiles back at George Brett and James Shields.

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Mental Illness, Biblical Counseling, and the Role of the Church: A Conversation with Alasdair Groves


In practice, bringing counseling to the church means equipping pastors to do rich, insightful, compassionate, and just pastoral care.

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A Hope Greater Than Our Confidence


Our confidence may wither and break, but, as Scripture promises, “hope does not disappoint us.”

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The Dangers of Hashtag Activism

Hashtag Pic

  It’s been a great year for slacktivism.   Tweeting has ushered in a new kind of benevolent human being, …

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Practicing Generosity: Giving Circles for the Kingdom


We are about to participate in our third Generosity Dinner. In a few hours, some needs of people we know and care about will be met.

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