The Warrior Mindset vs. Christ’s Way of Love

Nomad BR

Policies and laws can have substantial effects, but if we are looking for true transformation, it can only come by way of men and women who live as incarnations of Christ in their culture.

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Embraced By the Gospel

Bipolar Faith

I needed to be around people. I was lucky enough to find people who embraced me just because God made me.

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Postpartum Depression and #blacklivesmatter

Contemplative Prayer

Forgive me for rejecting your pain. Forgive me for adding to the chaos. I am listening.

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The Tender Hope of Kneeling


What tender hope we’re invited into. When we practice confession in our work for justice, we find freedom to work for the healing of others at the same time we are healed.

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Making a Killing – Guns, Greed and the NRA

Money And Guns

This is about our community and keeping people safe.

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Everything I Know About Prayer I Learned From George Carlin

George Carlin

Carlin joked that he gave up on praying to God to fix everything.

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Everybody Wants a Revolution… But No One Wants to Do the Dishes

Doing The Dishes

There’s something good and real about washing up together. It may not be a street protest. But it’s real life.

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