A Revival to Hope America


Without a revival to hope America, many who live with their backs against the wall will succumb to despair.

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Standing With the Criminal Christ


The one time Jesus expresses violence is to protest a powerful system of institutionalized racism. Christians fond of asking, “What would Jesus do,” can follow Jesus’ example by protesting and changing systems of racial injustice today.

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A Moral Monday Letter to Ferguson

Moral Mondays

I bring you greetings and offer solidarity from the Forward Together Moral Monday Movement in North Carolina.

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A Nonviolent Uprising


This nonviolent uprising has been incredible to watch. A slow, steady, disciplined movement in Ferguson has caught the world’s attention.

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Step by Step, Block by Block: Letting Ferguson Change Us


We were part of a movement that is building step by step, block by block. The folks we met did not want vengeance and did not want officer Darren Wilson killed. They want an end to killing.

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What Resurrection Looks Like: Standing Together for Justice


This week, for the first time in 31 years, Henry McCollum woke up in his own bed, a free man.

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Seeking An Epathethic Space: The Challenge of a Christian Witness in America


Rev. Michael McBride, known simply as “Pastor Mike,” is the Director of Urban Strategies and Lifelines to Healing Campaign for the PICO National Network.

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