“Color-blinded-ness” is Racism

Color Blinded Ness Is Racism

APRIL 27, 2014 | BY: MORGAN GUYTON — There’s been a lot of conversation about the Supreme Court ruling to end affirmative…

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Doing the White Guy Shuffle on Late Night…

Doing The White Guy Shuffle At Late Night

APRIL 24, 2014 | BY: CHRISTIAN PIATT — There is a seismic shift of sorts underway in the landscape of late-night television…

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HUGE NEWS: Glenn Ford released after 30 years on Death Row

Glenn Ford

MAR 12, 2014 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — THIS JUST IN… Louisiana Judge orders Glenn Ford to be released after 30 years on death row….

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Prisons “Overwhelmingly Filled With People of Color”: Just or Unjust?

Jonathan Brooks

MAR 3, 2014 | BY: MARGOT STARBUCK — Broken family structure and the broken education system fail many of our children daily.  However, society still…

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Confessions of an Arizona Discriminator

Arizona Discriminator

FEB 28, 2014 | BY: AUSTIN THOMAS — I’m a serial discriminator. White, millennial, college-educated. I should know better…

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Ok, White Folks, here’s how you can really help!

Heres How You Can Really Help 1

FEB 19, 2014 | BY: JONATHAN BROOKS — It was a brutally cold, Saturday evening in January of this year; my wife and I had agreed earlier…

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The Repression of a National Shame: History, Nooses and Lament

Repression Of A National Shame

FEB 18, 2014 | BY: DOMINIQUE GILLARD — The heinous practice of lynching is both an extremely difficult aspect of our national…

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