Singing Praise to God, Not America

Singing Praise To God

JUNE 30, 2014 | BY: CRAIG M. WATTS — There is an often told apocryphal story of the little boy in a worship service who was seated beside…

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Let’s Stop Pretending Ministry is All Fun and Games

Ministry Is Fun And Games

JUNE 24, 2014 | BY: STEPHEN MATTSON — In a society obsessed with consumerism, comfort, and entertainment, it’s not surprising that the Great…

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The Church of Now

The Church Of Now

JUNE 20, 2014 | BY: JENNIFER BAILEY — As a twenty-something Christian minister, when I tell people what I do for a living I am often met with…

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The Politics of Worship: Who Do You Serve?

The Poltics Of Worship

JUNE 18, 2014 | BY: GARY ALAN TAYLOR — I walked out of church Sunday morning. It was a bit like walking out on a bad movie, but with greater…

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Should Churches Hire Youth Pastors?

Should Churches Hire Youth Pastors

JUNE 14, 2014 | BY: TONY CAMPOLO — It seems strange to me that churches should show such favoritism to the youth and do little, if anything, for the…

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“I Don’t Love This Religion Anymore”: A Conversation With Zach Phelps-Roper

Zach Phelps Roper

JUNE 6, 2014 | BY: BEN COREY — It doesn’t get more “formerly fundie” than leaving Westboro Baptist Church. And that’s exactly what Zach Phelps-Roper…

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