Do We Really Need “Church”?

Do We Really Need Church

JULY 27, 2014 | BY: MICAH BALES — When I was a kid, my family was part of what I would consider a fairly traditional Quaker church. We…

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When Prayer Feels Both Normal and Crazy at the Same Time

What Prayer Does

JULY 22, 2014 | BY: FRANK SCHAEFFER — Why does prayer feel both right and normal to me and crazy, too? The best I can do is offer this…

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The Ends Can Never Justify the Means

End Never Justifies The Means

JULY 13, 2014 | BY: ALAN MOLINEAUX — Having been involved in church leadership for the best part of three decades my wife and I have…

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Domestic Violence and the Church #yesallchurches

Domestic Violence And The Church

JULY 12, 2014 | BY: CAROL HOWARD MERRITT — Domestic violence is rampant in our country. Women have learned to live in fear. Now, in this important…

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An Open Letter to the Evangelical Establishment

Frank Schaeffer Open Letter To The Evangelical Establishment

JULY 11, 2014 | BY: FRANK SCHAEFFER — I know you don’t trust or like me and I don’t blame you! Lord knows what a pain I am. But instead of just…

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Evangelicalism and the Future

Evangelicalism And The Future

JULY 10, 2014 | BY: STEVE CHALKE — The terms ‘evangelical’ and ‘evangelicalism’, alongside the act of ‘evangelism’, are rooted in two…

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