Fat Tuesday and Skinny Wednesday

Skinny Wednesday

MAR 5, 2014 | BY: SHANE CLAIBORNE — “What’s the difference between a flute and a stick in the mud?” our priest asked on Sunday…

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Exposing Our Other Names for God

Exposing Names For God

MAR 2, 2014 | BY: YAHOLO HOYT — God has many names, the good ones such as “Adonai” or “Elohim” help us explore God’s genuine…

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5 Church-Types to Probably Avoid

Church Types To Avoid

FEB 28, 2014 | BY: KURT WILLEMS — For the past several years I’ve been wrestling with my vision of church. Often, pessimism wins…

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Why my heart is torn between Russian Orthodoxy and Pussy Riot

Russian Orthodox Church

FEB 27, 2014 | BY: MORGAN GUYTON — Two images have grabbed my heart over the past few weeks: when the anarchist…

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5 Guys of the Early Church You Should Know

5 Guys Of The Early Church

FEB 26, 2014 | BY: ZACHARY K. PERKINS — This may not come as a surprise to you, but Christianity is a two thousand year-old religion. For much…

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5 Women of the Early Church You Should Know

Women Of The Early Church

FEB 23, 2014 | BY: ZACHARY K. PERKINS — Christianity bore a unique position in Roman society by seeing women as equal to men in…

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