Mapping Our World: On Being a Community Cartographer for Christ


It’s time to use different tools for our maps. If we keep going to the same mapmakers, same schools of cartography and working from the same dysfunctional maps, we will never make it to the land of shalom.

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Going the Jesus Way

Red Letter Christianity is about doing what Jesus commanded us to do.

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Flip: The Provocative Truth That Changes Everything You Know About God

Flipped Spine 3Dsmall

The Flip that turned me around as a pastor and a Christian writer, as well as in my personal life and faith, was a notion that caused me to realize God isn’t who I thought God was.

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Is Jesus a Revolutionary?


I’m starting to think that Che Guevara and the Jesus of the Gospel according to Mark have an awful lot in common.

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Satan is a Theologian Who Doesn’t Love God


Satan is a master theologian. He’s talked to God, interacted with God, believes in God’s existence, and knows more about God’s attributes and abilities than most…

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Touching Eternity


Still, it’s enough, for these are the moments that invite us into that time that the Scriptures call “eternity.”

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WWJD?: Questioning Genocide and Slavery in the Bible


There are a number of things in the Bible that should trouble any reader. We find in its pages things like genocide, gang rape, and slavery — not only sanctioned, but at times commanded by God.

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