From Tubal-Cain to Jesus: Waging Peace in a World at War


The recent movie Noah (2014) casts Tubal-Cain as the antagonist, organizing an army to take the Ark.

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Superman is Great, But Jesus Is Better


Whether in the tales of ancient heroes like Alexander the Great and Caesar Augustus or in our portrayals of today’s characters, like Barak Obama and Steve Jobs, our shared mythology teaches us that history is made by larger-than-life individuals, people who make earth-shattering decisions on a world stage.

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Acting Like A State: ISIS, the US, and Jesus as Lord


But ISIS is different. It aims to be a state on the world stage and uses a Western name for its territory–the Levant. ISIS isn’t subverting Western dominance. It’s confronting it head on.

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Doing Good Without Giving Up


Looking back over a decade of activism and advocacy, I wrote Doing Good Without Giving Up about the challenges I encountered and what I learned facing them.

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A #BringBackOur Girls Confession


I want to look hard, unflinchingly into your eyes, breathe deeply, and confess to you this ugly thing that I have seen in myself.

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A Day At The Beach: Theology Under The Sun

Beach 1

As spring is struggling to establish itself here in Australia, summer is ending in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope my US friends are enjoying the last of the sun, and with it time on the beach.

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Saved By Bitterness? Fighting With A Whole Heart


“Why is being bitter such a bad thing?” I ask Rush on one of our regular night walks. Amelia strains her neck into a bush of monkey grass while I continue. “I mean, I don’t recommend it for everyone, but is being bitter a sin?”

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