I Am An Evangelical

Evangelical Church

The term ‘evangelical’ – which has been hijacked and taken hostage by a very narrow voting block with a few very narrow policies and perspectives – needs to be reclaimed, repostured and reoriented toward its original meaning as a declaration of ‘good news’

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Learning Ignorance


Richard Rohr says it takes a lot of learning to finally “learn ignorance.”

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Let’s Talk About Sin


Let’s talk about sin beyond behavior modifications and moral choices.

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Being A Troubled Non-Violent Resister


I stand for non-violent resistance with a troubled heart and mind.

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Mommy, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger


Feel your anger. Accept it. Don’t apologize for a feeling. Men have been using anger to get things done for centuries.

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If I Were A Pastor


“If I were a pastor I’d speak of fire – not the fire of Hell or condemnation, but the fire of creation”

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