A Nonviolent Uprising


This nonviolent uprising has been incredible to watch. A slow, steady, disciplined movement in Ferguson has caught the world’s attention.

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Why I Won’t Watch #RayRice

Janay Rice

Have you seen it? The Ray Rice video? The one where he knocks out his then-fiance, now-wife?

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ISIS vs the Way of Jesus

Isis Fighters

The way of Jesus is the hard way. Forgiveness, love, choosing to lay down our lives is the most difficult path in the face of real enemies. ISIS is real. But love is far more powerful.

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What Resurrection Looks Like: Standing Together for Justice


This week, for the first time in 31 years, Henry McCollum woke up in his own bed, a free man.

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Violence in God’s Name: Our Greatest Sin

Soldier Jesus

Some Christians seem to talk about little other than sin. In reaction, others try to ignore it. But we can’t understand Jesus’ plan to redeem the whole universe without understanding sin.

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The Pacifism of Jesus: Reclaiming Christianity’s Challenge

Fra Angelico Arrest659x666

Early Christians were confusing. They were pacifists living in the Roman world, a world which saw violence and death as constant positive reminders of the struggle of life over death.

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Seeking An Epathethic Space: The Challenge of a Christian Witness in America


Rev. Michael McBride, known simply as “Pastor Mike,” is the Director of Urban Strategies and Lifelines to Healing Campaign for the PICO National Network.

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