Ron Sider: Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Why Im Voting For Hillary

Hillary Clinton is bad and good in the usual ways. But Donald Trump is bad in the ways in which I have usually preferred Republicans.

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Why I Refuse To Register To Vote

Community As Sacrament

I refuse to register because direct action is the only way to make your city better.

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Why this Republican Voted for Obama But Is Not (Yet) a Democrat

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BY: TOM McCROSSAN — All too often, our political choices are who’s the best of two bad options? Or who has fewer faults than…

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How Do You Vote? Voting our Conscience as Christians

Vote Here

BY: LOGAN MEHL-LAITURI — “Who did you vote for?” is the wrong question to ask. Instead, the real question is “How…

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How Are We Political? A Dialogue between Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne

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TONY CAMPOLO: Shane, I have a question to ask that may make you squirm a little bit. From hearing you talk …

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What Belongs to Caesar?

What Belongs To Caesar

BY: MORF MORFORD — When President Obama comes on TV, radio or even in conversation, their hatred is as palpable…

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Let My People Vote!

Let My People Vote

BY: MORF MORFORD — Several states have changed their voting laws, just a few months before a presidential election…

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