Franklin Graham’s Religion Is Not His Father’s

Franklin Graham is using the power of his father’s name for his own political agenda.

Throughout history there may not have been a more respected Christian leader than the Rev. Billy Graham.  He ministered for a lifetime without serious controversy or compromise, focusing on preaching the message of Jesus Christ and keeping himself clean of all political factions.

In the 1970s when Jerry Falwell changed the face of American Christianity by marrying it with conservative politics, Rev. Graham refused to be a part of it. Although a Southern Baptist and a registered Democrat, he never let either of those distinctions rule his life. Graham willingly pastored all presidents regardless of political party, from Truman to Obama.

He refused in 1979 to join Falwell’s Moral majority, saying, “I’m for morality, but morality goes beyond sex to human freedom and social justice. We as clergy know so very little to speak with authority on the Panama Canal or superiority of armaments.  Evangelists cannot be closely identified with any particular party or person.  We have to stand in the middle in order to preach to all people, right and left.

In 1981 he told Parade magazine, “I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form.  It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.

In 2005, struggling with Parkinson’s disease and then 86 years old, Rev. Graham handed the reins of his Billy Graham Association powerhouse to his son Franklin, whose ministries include the popular Samaritan’s Purse shoebox ministry which delivers Christmas gifts to needy children around the world.

Franklin, however, is unquestionably a proponent of the Christian right that his father so avoided and denounced, and now, with the aging minister approaching his 94th birthday and struggling more and more with his failing health, including substantial vision and hearing loss, his Association, led by Franklin, is using his name and face to press a political agenda the respected minister would never have advocated.

Most recently there have been photos circulated on-line of Gov. Mitt Romney’s visit with Franklin and his father, implying an endorsement by the elder Graham of Romney for president.  Yet, the only quote they could get from him was “I’ll do all I can to help you.”  Had there been anything more substantial from his lips than that, we surely would be seeing it in videos all over the internet.

Following this visit and the deceptive implications of an endorsement, the Association’s website deleted its description of Mormonism as a cult. Does this mean the organization has decided to embrace Mormons into its Christian box? No, Franklin does not call Gov. Romney a Christian. It’s all just politics.

Brave New Films

Earlier this year when NC was voting on an amendment to define marriage, Billy Graham’s name and face were used in ads in favor of the amendment.  No voice.  No meaningful quotes.  No video.  But there was his face, implying that he initiated the ads.

It was Franklin, also, who won the fight to make the Billy Graham Library the burial site of his parents where it will be a tourist attraction, despite his mother’s plea to be buried near Asheville where they had lived for many years, and despite his brother Ned’s strong support of his mother’s wishes.

Franklin is devoted to the political religious climate of his time, but we should be very wary of accepting anything we see or hear that appears to be coming from his father, especially during this volatile election season.  Franklin now has control of the Billy Graham Association, but Franklin’s Christianity is not his father’s.  More newspaper ads are coming.  Look at them, but be sure to notice the details that are missing and the voice that is not really speaking.  If we can hear the words as those of Franklin, not his father, we can protect the respected name of a dear man who deserves to live his last days as he so carefully lived the rest, according to his own spiritual wisdom and conscience.

NOTE: This blog was originally posted Oct. 20 on another site. Since then other bloggers have made similar claims to this one, and Franklin Graham has published a rebuttal, denying that he is putting words into his father’s mouth. Also since the original posting, the Billy Graham Association has run full-page ads in various major newspapers, with a page-size photo of a younger Billy Graham and a quote attributed to him with his signature. The quote, while stopping short of an actual presidential endorsement, does call for a vote that could only apply to one possible candidate. As author of this blog, I acknowledge that all this has happened since my original posting. Yet, I also note that the rebuttal again was by the son not the father, and I stand by my original assessment that the elder Graham is being used without his full understanding. If the published quote had actually come from the father’s own lips, we would surely be seeing videos of it everywhere. Instead we are being asked to believe that after meticulously building a legacy of 93 years, managing to survive unscathed through a lifetime of public scrutiny, he is now dramatically changing his mind.

Kathy Vestal is a college educator in Salisbury, NC. She has a Master’s of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master’s of Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. An avid writer, gifted teacher, and occasional public speaker/preacher, her passions include civil rights, social justice, church reform, and education. She has traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Ecuador, and The Gambia, Africa, and enjoys reading, nature, and history.

Photo Credit: AP/ Evan Vucci

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  • Frank

    So sad to watch people try and tear down two great Christian men to justify their own dismissal of biblical truths and make the,selves feel better for their antiChristian beliefs.

    “They don’t agree with my political positions so one is senile and the other is a manipulative liar.”

    We see right through you.

    • Lisa

      After reading Billy Graham’s autobiography it is unfathomable to believe he would endorse any candidate. Franklin is, of course, entitled to his beliefs, but he should not be using his father in this way. Very sad.

      • Frank

        After looking at Billy Grahams amazing life, including being in the White House more than any other religious leader we can be sure that he is against abortion and for Gods design for marriage, one man and one woman. He would never vote Democratic simply based on these two criteria.

        Saying he was never political is untrue. He only get criticized now because it goes against the beliefs of those that have on some level abandoned biracial truth and embraced demagoguery of their own political party.

        “Graham has had a personal audience with many sitting US presidents, from Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama. After meeting with Truman in 1950, Graham told the press he had urged the president to counter communism in North Korea.”

        “Graham became a regular visitor during the tenure of Dwight D. Eisenhower. He purportedly urged him to intervene with federal troops in the case of the Little Rock Nine to gain admission of black students to public schools.”

        “Graham rebuked Nixon for his post-Watergate behavior and the profanity heard on the Watergate tapes;”

        “Graham was criticized by some for being too attracted to the seat of political power. Graham officiated at one presidential burial and one presidential funeral. He presided over the graveside services of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1973 and took part in eulogizing the former president. Graham officiated at the funeral services of former First Lady Pat Nixon in 1993,[7] and the death and funeral ofRichard Nixon in 1994. He was unable to attend the state funeral of Ronald Reagan on June 11, 2004, as he was recovering from hip replacement surgery.[47] This was mentioned by George Bushin his eulogy.

        On April 25, 2010, President Barack Obama visited Rev. Graham at his home in Montreat, North Carolina where they “had a private prayer.”[48]

        Foreign policy views

        Graham has been outspoken against communism and supportive of US Cold War policy, including the Vietnam War. In a 1999 speech, Graham discussed his relationship with the late North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung, praising him as a “different kind of communist” and “one of the great fighters for freedom in his country against the Japanese.” Graham went on to note that although he had never met Kim’s son and former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, he had “exchanged gifts with him.”[49] Graham gave a globe surmounted with doves to the North Korean Friendship Museum.[46]

        In March 1991, Graham said in reference to the Persian Gulf War, “As our President, President Bush, has said, it is not the people of Iraq we are at war with. It is some of the people in that regime. Pray for peace in the Middle East, a just peace.”[50] Graham had earlier said that “there come times when we have to fight for peace.” He went on to say that out of the war in the Gulf may “come a new peace and, as suggested by the President, a new world order.”[51]

        • Great piece, Frank. Thank you so very much. Much obliged. It is amazing the impact historical facts have on debates that do NOT include the ” . . . WHOLE truth and nothing BUT THE TRUTH, so help them God.” These actual events from the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham’s long and fruitful life certainly provide excellent context and help correct the distortions others are trying to project upon him in his senior years.

        • Questioning

          Billy also said that, if given the chance to do anything over, he would stay out of politics…..

  • otrotierra

    Earlier this year Franklin Graham showed spiritual and moral maturity by apologizing for trying to erase Barack Obama’s name from the Book of Life. But now, as Franklin attempts to deceive again, we must ask:

    Because Jesus didn’t teach his followers to deceive, in whose other name does Franklin Graham bare false witness?

    • Frank

      If you are interested in fighting deception you must look to those who call themselves Christian and encourage people to vote for a party that supports abortion on demand and rejects Gods design for marriage, not attack good Christian men who have dedicated their life to Christ.

      • otrotierra

        Frank, I think it’s best to stick with the essential biblical teachings of Jesus. There is no religious fundamentalism there, and it will free you from the false worldview of you against everyone else.

        • Frank

          I do but you and others simply pick and choose whatever is convenient or popular. Your worldview is determined by the world which sadly you do not seem to have a problem with but it has very little to do with the Kingdom of God.

          • Scott C

            You’re both right. No party has the positions of Jesus nailed down. He’s far to liberal for us economically (helping all those poor people and redistributing the wealth of loaves and fishes) and he’s far to conservative for us morally (to the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more.”) So if we decide to vote our faith, we must “pick our poisons.” Will we go with the party that loves the rich and steals from the poor, or will we go with the one that mocks God’s standards for the sanctity of life and our sexuality? The choice is ours, but it’s not a good one. As soon as someone takes a CONSISTENT Biblical platform, they have my support and money and volunteer time and votes for sure.

          • 22044

            You asked, “Will we go with the party that loves the rich and steals from the
            poor, or will we go with the one that mocks God’s standards for the
            sanctity of life and our sexuality?”
            Answer: both parties are the Democrats. However, many Republicans are corrupted by their lust for power & fit that description as well.

  • The Rev. Doctor Billy Graham loves God. And therefore Dr. Graham loves what God loves and hates the sins God hates. God hates the sin of filicide not only engaged in but aided and abetted by the vast majority of the political party that “boo’s God” at its own political convention and works tirelessly to create and protect legislation that guarantees unfettered filicide on demand, and now forcibly under penalty of law paid for by Godly tax-payers under Obamacare. The Dr. Graham I met and was taught by while a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary when Dr. Graham was still active for the seminary would NOT endorse legalized filicide partially paid for by Christians of all stripes in opposition to their first amendment rights that protect their religious convictions and conscience.

    And the Dr. Graham I met and was taught by would NOT have endorsed legislation abrogating Biblical heterosexual marriage and conferring the designation “marriage” upon homosexuals who want to sinfully emulate God-ordained heterosexual marriage.

    If Dr. Graham in his sickly, feeble state met with and told Presumptive President Mitt Romney, “I’ll do all I can to help you,” and did NOT meet with Barack Hussein Obama and tell him the same thing, short of an official political endorsement which Dr. Billy Graham doesn’t give, this is even better; it is a benediction and blessing both for Presumptive President Mitt Romney and the nation which so desperately needs his wise, moral, virtuous, Godly, educated, experienced and historically successful socio-economic leadership.

    I applaud the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association under the Godly, able, and astute leadership of Rev. Dr. Billy Graham’s chosen son, Franklin, for doing “all they can to help Mitt Romney” defeat Barack Hussein Obama and become our 45th President of the United States of America, sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, so help him God” which Obama swore to twice but has virtually never done!

    • Drew

      “Godly” leadership from Mitt Romney? Sorry, but Mitt Romney is not a Christian.

      • 22044

        what about the other adjectives offered by Peter Fedora? Looks like they apply.
        I usually like your posts, but here, I think you’re picking at nits.

        • Drew

          There is a larger narrative at work among Evangelical Christians, that Romney is more of a Christian than Obama. I listen to a conservative Evangelical radio station in my area – happen to enjoy quite a few shows. In any case, you would be surprised how many people call up to say that Obama is a secret Muslim or not a Christian. Then, you have the same people or different people calling to say that Mormonism is really Christianity or that Mormonism is “close enough” to Christianity as if to imply the differences do not really matter.

          I have no problem with Evangelical Christians voting for a non-Christian candidate. If they want to vote for a Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, or Mormon, be my guest. However, to try to justify it by changing your theology – that Romney is “Godly” or that Mormonism is “practically” Christianity (mind you, I’ve been hearing this on radio, not from Peter) – is unfortunate, and putting politics before God.

          • 22044

            It is certainly important to keep telling the truth regardless of the consequences. I don’t have a problem with the BGEA updating their website (there are other reasons why it is no longer helpful to call Mormonism a cult), but it is disturbing if it fits a larger narrative of disregarding fundamental differences between Mormonism & orthodox Christianity.

          • Scott C

            So true, 22044. To me, there are two criteria that make a religion a cult: 1) You are not allowed to know everything there is to know about it up front before you join it. 2) You are ostracized by its members if you decide to leave it after joining. In every study I’ve done of Mormonism, it fits these. Christianity as a whole DOES NOT. So Mormonism is NOT a denomination or other “brand” of Christianity and Mitt is NOT a Christian. That doesn’t preclude him from being president in any way to me, but it’s the worst of both worlds for the BGEA to bend to a universalist position here just to align itself with partisan politics. So for BGEA to be influenced by a political narrative over their own Biblical theology is tragic, especially since it’s connected to such a Godly man as Billy Graham. It made me sick to see such weak faith. Saddest moment of the campaign so far (even sadder than the predicted death of Big Bird). I guess it’s just continuing the Falwell legacy.

          • Drew

            Franklin Graham also wrote this on a post about voting for a Mormon – “We need something like what Jerry Falwell did in the 1980s. We need a “moral majority”—made up of Christians, Jews, Mormons, Catholics and many others of faith—to come together to take a stand for our religious freedoms and rights.

            Christ is not central, the Republican Party Platform is, and that is a tragedy.

          • Frank

            The tragedy is any Christian believing they can stay true to their faith and vote for a party that celebrates the killing of over 21,000 innocent lives each week mostly for reasons of convenience.

          • Drew

            Frank, if you cared about abortion, you would be working to end it. Instead, you troll websites. Quite a sad existence.

  • jprice

    I know, I do not like the straight jacket religious right snuggling up to a specific political party, nor I cannot stand the holier than thou marriage of the religious left/aka social justice marriage to a certain political party.

  • Mark Chandler

    Shame on you Franklin, your dad deserves better from you.

  • Drew

    This is one of the more incendiary blogs I have seen in the history of this website. However, it is hard for me to argue with much of what you have wrote. Taking down Mormonism as a cult on the website was motivated solely by politics, theology be damned. Interesting article, guess I would have to be more knowledgeable about both Grahams to really draw a conclusion one way or the other.

  • BarbieWojo

    There was a full page ad in our local newspaper this past week and when I saw it, my first thought was,
    “that’s out of character”. So glad to see it’s not just me!

  • The newspaper ad reiterates, for the purpose of arrousing “sleeping citizens” who believe The Bible is God’s inerrant written word, Billy Graham’s practice of preaching The Truth about moral issues. He always has been, and still is, preaching FOR righteousness and AGAINST sin. Matthew 19:4-5 is Jesus’s words “from the beginning” about marriage being one man and one woman as long as both shall live. There are MANY places in God’s written word about Him knowing us and choosing us while we were still being formed in our mother’s womb..the sanctity of Life from conception! These are the specific issues Billy Graham’s ad states to remind us all to VOTE ACCORDING TO BIBLICAL VALUES!

  • 22044

    I’m looking forward to getting lots of thumbs down votes, as usual.
    Ms. Vestal’s piece, sadly, is full of false accusations and suggests that she is in the tank for Obama, or as he may be aptly be referred to, “President Revenge.” The Democrats of the 1960s & 1970s would not recognize the Democrats of today, who embrace unfettered socialism, unlimited power to steal through increasingly oppressive & confiscatory tax policies, unlimited & taxpayer-funded abortions, and no legitimate freedoms for American citizens, except for the former mentioned issue.
    And it’s depressing that so many of my eternal brothers & sisters are just missing those truths, or perhaps not paying attention. This site claims to be Red Letter Christians. Instead of embracing Jesus, too many of the sites’ readers & commenters rejected Him & replaced Him with embracing an oppressive Federal government, among other false idols, and falsely accusing those, like Franklin Graham, who may speak truth to power.
    Mr. Graham is not a perfect man, but He is close to the Lord and his life will likely be cheered by God when he meets Him one day to give an account of His life.

    • Mrs |Woo

      The accusations against Obama about “unfettered socialism” just make europeans laugh. I can tell you his administration is way to the right of the right wing conservative party in government in the UK. You can rest in peace in that score, there is a long long way for them to go before they even reach middle of the road. But I do recognise that these things are categorised differently in the USA.

      As for freedoms, probably the majority of the world’s population would give their right arm for the freedoms American citizens enjoy.

      • 22044

        Thanks for the civil & thoughtful response.
        I will just briefly reply that I am grateful that many Americans don’t look to our friends in Europe to approve of our attempts to continue the experiment of democracy on this side of the pond.

        • keith

          Im thinking that the epitomy of hypocrisy is that this site allows someone to criticise a person for being political…Bahahahaha now thats funny

    • keith

      No thumbs down 22044…..right on target 😉

  • Questioning

    We need to just focus on the facts here: first the Grahams are endorsing Romney for President and encouraging other Christians to do the same, secondly the BGEA website used to say Mormonism was a cult, now it doesn’t. So the questions become: does the BGEA think Mormonism is a cult? If not what changed their minds? If so, why did they remove it from their website? This is politics and has nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus. Franklin Graham, when asked if he thought Barack Obama was a Christian, said he did not know and could not answer. When asked if he thought Rick Santorum was a Christian he said, “I think he is”. Again, nothing more than politics and possibly worse, bearing false witness. I used to support Samaritan’s Purse monetarily and otherwise. I have volunteered multiple times in their shoe box packing facility. I spent two weeks in the wilds of Alaska with an SP construction team, but unless somethng drastically changes, my support for them is over.

    • Drew

      I agree with you on the website thing and mentioned it in my
      post below, that it was a raw display of politicking, by taking
      Mormonism off the website as a “cult.” If you believe in the mission of Samaritan’s Purse, I would encourage you to keep with it. You and I might not agree with Franklin Graham on everything, but I do not think his behavior is outrageous. However, if you are looking at different organizations, World Vision might be one worth your support. They are four times larger than SP but have half the net assets, meaning they spend the money they take in. Also, the organization is four times larger than SP but the CEO of World Vision, Stearns, is drawing less of a salary than Graham. You may want to read Stearn’s book, A Hole In Our Gospel.

      • Questioning

        Thanks for the suggestion, but I already support World Vision. We have sponsored several children over the past decade and have 2 currently.

        • Drew

          Glad you’ve heard of it. I am a supporter as well. Good organization.

  • NeartheEdge

    I was dismayed to hear Billy Graham had apparently endorsed Romney, a man (I gather) with, at best, a dubious financial record (tax evasion- which is stealing form the poor) who upholds, again, at best, a distorted Christianity. This article somewhat restored my faith in the old (Democrat) preacher.

    Frankly, my American brethren, speaking from the other side of the pond (UK), it seems to me the Evangelical right wing (if it isn’t already a cult) is heading that way fast.

    Fixated on sex and abortion, and preaching a “good news for the rich”…isn’t, and can never be the “good news for the poor” which Jesus preached. I shudder to think what many Evangelicals would have done with the woman caught in adultery!? or, for that matter, NOT have done, with the market traders in the temple who Jesus threw out; presumably free market economics, being as near divine as I can see from some comment I’ve read, here and elsewhere, therefore implies that Jesus was in error for limiting the freedom of choice of the worshipers in the temple..or have I got you all wrong?

    As Jesus was in the world so we should be. We are called to preach the good news (which is bad news for the rich), good news for the meek, bad news for the powerful, yet all I hear about is abortion, homosexuality and family values (whatever that is). If our message isn’t a threat to the rich and powerful, it isn’t the gospel.

    • Questioning

      Very well said… thank you.

    • LoCoPat

      NeartheEdge, While I tend to agree with your assessment of the American political religious right, which I believe to be a potentially dangerous movement and a stumbling block for many people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ, I would contend with you on the subjects of deviancy and the idea of social justice as a primary Christian concern. One of the beautiful things about Christ was (and is) his concern for sinners. We must never forget that we are all vile, lost sinners barring a saving faith in Christ. During his earthly ministry, Jesus was rejected by many of the ‘respectable’ people of society, leaving mostly the poor, the lost, the abandoned, the outcasts, the sick and the blind–sinners all–to hear his message of hope. Yet the rich were not excluded. Jesus was grieved by the rich young ruler’s decision, as he loved the man and his sincere desire to know God. It wasn’t the young man’s riches that were the problem; it was his heart. His riches were more important to him than following Christ. With great difficulty can a rich man enter the Kingdom of God, but with God, all things are possible. We know that it was a rich man who went to Pilate for the body of Jesus and placed it in a brand new family tomb. We also know of Nicodemus, a privileged and perhaps wealthy man, having shown favor to Jesus and caring for his body. The gospel is meant to be preached to the poor, and yet ‘poor’ is a spiritual condition as well as being merely a physical condition.

      With regard to morality, Jesus did not condemn the adulteress caught in the act, but instead showed her mercy. Knowing the hearts of the Pharisees, he stung their consciences by saying that any of them without sin should cast the first stone. They all went away, apparently convicted of their sins. Jesus then forgave the woman, but told her to “Go and sin no more.” (John 8:11). The Scriptures are clear as to those who will not make it into everlasting life; included in that list are those who refuse the mercy of Christ and continue to engage in sexual deviancy, or any other number of sins. God cannot bless a nation that embraces idolatry, permissiveness and indecency–and that would include the USA near the top of the list. Our leaders are merely a reflection of who we are as a population, and God gives us rulers and laws in accordance with the morality we choose.

      Right-wing laws will obviously not change a nation for the better; the people have to recognize their sin and repent if they hope to have truly godly government. With regard to the Scandinavian countries, they have devolved into bastions of godlessness, with some of their inner cities becoming dangerous and unlivable, a testament to those societies’ continuing spiritual decline. Scandinavia is also a bastion of overt satanism, well-known through much
      of the world for its particular brand of heavy metal, openly praising the evil one. Scandinavian countries tend to have few problems on the surface, which would lead casual observers to think that their brand of permissiveness and ‘equity’ makes for a better society. But Scandinavia shouldn’t be complacent and think all is well. God’s justice often tarries, even when a nation sins for a long time with impunity and thinks it’s above such judgment.

      In a nutshell, the gospel speaks of the total depravity of man and the requirement of faith in Christ alone for salvation. ‘Social justice’ as a philosophy has been adopted primarily by the liberal church (liberal in the sense of their loose interpretation of Scripture). While charity and kindness towards the weaker members of society is hugely important and can’t be ignored, such churches de-emphasize the authority of Christ as ruler and king and also de-emphasize the seriousness of sin. They often neglect preaching the gospel in favor of providing earthly relief. It is a salvation-by-works philosophy, attempting to create a kingdom of God on earth by the arm of the flesh rather than yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit. Such movements do little to bring people to a saving knowledge of God, but rather provide them with some temporary material comfort while leaving their souls helpless and in mortal danger. I don’t defend today’s ‘market traders in the Temple’, nor our corrupted politicians (both parties, incidentally), which cater to this class. Yet we need to keep in mind that coveting another’s goods is unbiblical. Much of the political and religious left’s appeal is built on exploiting human covetousness, rather than truly providing relief for the poor.

  • I’m happy to see Franklin Graham supporting Romney. God knows we need a change of direction in this country from the top down.

  • keith

    First thing I will say is that it doesnt surprise me that an attack on one of the strongest and longest running ministries is initiated by a liberal progressive thinktank who has no CLUE. You insinuate that Mr. Graham Sr. is so senile that he doesnt know what is going on with his ministry. You insinuate that his son is somehow doing this right in front of his dad and Mr. Graham is silent over something you say he has been against for his whole career. In other words you want someone to read your article and accept your hypothesis that his son is somehow corrupting what Sr. has built while the senile older Graham is silent. Rediculous and quite insulting to Mr. Graham. I will point out the thousands of black leaders/preachers who ARE talking politics DIRECTLY IN THEIR CHURCHES. How about REV WRIGHT?? or do you refuse to comment because you are scared to touch ‘black’ issues? You people make me sick. You pick on good men who are trying to forward Biblical ideas for this country yet you are silent on the illogical liberal left who wants to do away with God period. Once again you are sickening in your assault on people you should be behind and supporting. Your trivial little whining episodes on here demonstrate that you only care about an agenda…..just like the pompas donkey in office. You deserve him and I wish there was some way to divide this country so that you could keep him.
    For the slower individuals on here I have provided the quote from Mr. Graham regarding Romney. If you can take anything away from this other than he endorses him over Obama because he wants the country to return to family values (if you have to wonder what that is then you shouldnt be commenting anyway) and traditional marriage then you have an agenda of your own.

    “It was an honor to meet and host Gov. Romney in my home today, especially since I knew his late father former Michigan Gov. George Romney, whom I considered a friend. I have followed Mitt Romney’s career in business, the Olympic Games, as governor of Massachusetts and, of course, as a candidate for president of the United States.

    “What impresses me even more than Gov. Romney’s successful career are his values and strong moral convictions. I appreciate his faithful commitment to his impressive family, particularly his wife Ann of 43 years and his five married sons.

    “It was a privilege to pray with Gov. Romney—for his family and our country. I will turn 94 the day after the upcoming election, and I believe America is at a crossroads. I hope millions of Americans will join me in praying for our nation and to vote for candidates who will support the biblical definition of marriage, protect the sanctity of life and defend our religious freedoms

    • Questioning

      You missed the whole point and shifted right into slander gear…. Does the BGEA think Mormonism is a cult? Simple yes or no answer. If so, why did they remove it from their website? This one might require a few words. If not, why did they change their minds? Again a few words might be required. If this is not politics, then the Pope is not a Catholic. You can’t have it both ways. It’s disingenuous and ought to be embarassing. Yes there’s politics on both sides, and there should be equal opportunity to call “Horse Hockey” on either side when they so blatently wink the eye and make the deal, especially when it’s in the Name….. Met hinks you do protest too much.

      • keith

        what does it matter if they think its a cult or not??? the fact is that Romney represents more of what matters to God than Obama does. The fact is there is no other choice so if they took down the cult reference to avoid the left dogma attack force then so be it. That doesnt mean anything other than they are smart. And yes Drew, if you take the quote in any other way than what it says then you are either challenged or have an agenda. Questioning, why is it that such a nit picky thing draws such ire from you guys?? This whole site is POLITICAL

        • Drew


          I understand you and Frank get extremely emotional when talking about politics, because you put politics on a pedestal that is equal to or higher than Jesus. However, I would ask you to not be emotional and worship your political beliefs. No, not everyone is “challenged” or “agenda-driven” that disagrees with you Keith. And, if BGEA took down the “cult” reference because of the “left dogma attack,” then you are fully 100% admitting it was a political move.

          • keith

            and so what if it was??? Are you going to try and tell me that this whole site isnt politically motivated for the left?? I hope you arent going to expose yourself to that. Im saying that if it was it doesnt matter one bit. Get over it and pick on the ones who are trying to destroy what little good there is left in this sorry world. My Lord you people are rediculous and my emmotions are exposed when rediculously erronious and petty attacks are made against good people. Maybe you should try and have some passion about defending what matters instead of what doesnt.

          • Drew

            There is a difference between viewing politics through the lens or religion and viewing religion through the lens of politics. In this instance, it appears his religion and beliefs have been affected by his political beliefs and desires. This is unfortunate. Now, I do not agree with Vestal’s charge – as I said in another post, it is quite incendiary. However, on this point, I do not understand what Graham was trying to accomplish except that he was trying to suspend his religious beliefs in order to trumpet his political beliefs and desires. I do not think this is picking on him. Furthermore, the Bible says not to judge those outside the Church but rather those inside the Church; your plea to judge those outside the Church and not those inside the Church clearly contradicts Scripture.

          • keith

            No, my point about chastising those who are on this site, many of which are in the ministry, is that they pick on insignificant things with those who they should be behind and support. I also noted that many ‘Black’ preachers are telling their flock how to vote. I have never, ever read an article on here condemning Rev Wright? or Rev Sharpton, or Rev Jackson lol……what a bunch of hogwash in the name of religion. Instead we see a weak attempt to classify a legacy as a ‘lesser’ entity now who doesnt follow his fathers plan. It doesnt matter which way you view your politics or religion. The end result is what matters. Most, if not all, of the posts on here are political in nature and for the left. The articles are always left leaning and ignore much of scripture if not try to twist it to justify an agenda. You dont know why the reference was taken down just as the author does not so it is strictly speculation. Even if he took it down to be less offensive, since Romney is a Mormon, then so what. That doesnt change his beliefs in his own religion. Its insignificant and petty. Its childish and irrelevant. As far as judging those inside the church it also tells you to deal directly with the person. It doesnt say to write a cheap shot on a liberal site to try and trash his reputation. I believe those I mentioned in comparison were representing, in name at least, the ministry. When you pursue trivial cheap shots at someone like Mr. Graham and leave the true rogues of religion alone then you show your true colors.

          • Drew


            This website was not in existence when Wright, Sharpton, or Jackson were last relevant. This article is about a current event that happened recently.

            I have been very open about the fact that I think the article is incendiary.

            No, I do not know exactly why the article was taken down, but if you believe the timing was just a coincidence, then I have some oil land to sell you. I have also explained why I believe it is important – it is a sign of elevating politics above religion.

            As far as that Scripture is concerned, you are to deal directly with the person, but if the person has a public ministry, the only place to confront that individual may be in public.

      • keith

        The point of the article was to slander Billy Grahams son…..NO I didnt miss it at all. It is quite clear that the intent is to discredit his son. YOU however miss the big picture and quite remind me of the “choking on the gnat and swallowing the camel”

        • Questioning

          The fallout of what was done by the BGEA is clear to me and was clear long before I read this blog, regardless of what the author’s true motivation may or may not be. Franklin is not asking us to vote for Romney nearly as much as he is asking us, in a veiled, almost deceitful way, to vote AGAINST Obama. His credibility for telling anyone how to vote is now zero. Obama, by his own admission, is a Christian. You may not agree with all his decisions or his views, but, by all accounts, the man is just as much a devoted father, family man, and husband as Romney is. Romney, according to how most would characterize a Christian, is no Christian at all. I happen to think both Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama are good men, flawed in their own ways, but smart, capable men. Franklin Graham is a dedicated servant of the Lord, flawed as well, as all men are, but he needs to stay out of politics, because his fumbling is not bringing glory to God. As evidenced right here, it’s only further dividing the flock. Oh and finally, one of the things that matters most is truth. At the bottom of this smelly pile, that is what some are defending.

    • Drew

      “For the slower individuals on here.” Easy, Keith, no need to slander and be emotional.

  • RedRose24

    I am on the Samaritan’s Purse mailing list….well, I was. I had to have my name removed. I cannot read another political email sent to a mailing list that was supposed to be about helping people. And when he decided that Mormonism wasn’t a cult anymore……it was clear that he’d rather endorse a Mormon Republican than a black Democrat who professes Christianity. It’s not about religion it’s about race and party, and that is disgraceful.

  • Colin Bain

    If this analysis is correct, I would have difficulty with the change. However, if it is true for the right, it must also be true for the left. Christians need to support issues, not politicians

  • Cindy Lessenden

    I figured this out when Franklin Graham began an interview by saying he wasn’t sure of Barack’s Christian status, but the the seed on the father passes on the Muslim faith. I knew then that he was much more radical than the elder Mr. Graham who’s integrity has never been a question in my mind.
    Sadly, older people are exploited–or sometimes even make remarks that should not be made public because their faculties are impaired.

  • Amy

    Tony Campolo and Rick Warren should feel proud for being advisors to the head of a political party, but how dare anyone claiming to be a Christian support an organization that includes the sanctity of life, or marriage between males and females, in their party platform. Maybe those so called Christians should crack open their bibles and read 2 Timothy 3:1-17.

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