If God had my body

If God Had My Body
If God had my body
I would have no burden of fear or regret
Or shame or disgrace.

If God had my body
I would know,
Really know
Forgiveness and grace.

If God had my body
Every breath
Would be taken as a miracle.
I would know life
As unrelenting delight –
Never as routine.

If God had my body
My touch
And every hand upon me
Would be soft and healing
And welcome.

If God had my body
Every word would be healing –
Every word heard
Or spoken.

If God had my body
Every moment
Would be its own memorial.

If God had my body
Every movement
Even every thought
Would be of healing and restoration.

If God had my body
I would see that reflection
In every hand
And eye
And word.

If God had my body
It would never be just my body,
It would be all His,
All ours, all one,
All now, and all becoming.

If God had my body
There would be a fullness
Not an emptiness,
A welcoming in every muscle,
A sense of never being alone –
Even when alone.

If God had my body
I would know
That even in my darkest moments,
I am held
In His, and others’
Memories, thoughts and prayers.

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If God had my body
I would know
That no moment is forgotten,
Nothing is unnecessary,
And even when I forget,
I am where I belong.

If God had my body
I would nurture no guile
Envy or resentment.

If God had my body
Courage, not fear
Would be my first reaction.

If God had my body
My eyes, my heart and my hands
Would be open,
Not closed.

If God had my body
My life’s work
Would be to see
Or help make
Every place
Every moment
A blessing and a paradise,
And every place
And every being
Would be seen in its fullness,
As being made in the image of its creator.

If only God had my body…

Morf Morford considers himself a free-range Christian who is convinced that God expects far more of us than we can ever imagine, but somehow thinks God knows more than we do. To pay his bills, he’s been a teacher for adults (including those in his local county jail) in a variety of setting including Tribal colleges, vocational schools and at the university level in the People’s Republic of China. Within an academic context, he also writes an irreverent ESL blog and for the Burnside Writers Collective. As he’s getting older, he finds himself less tolerant of pettiness and dairy products.

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Morf MorfordMorf Morford is a writer, teacher, word-nerd, 98% vegan, listener, community story-teller, poet, advocate of the oddities of earthly existence. Scavenger of the unlikely.View all posts by Morf Morford →

  • Frank

    God has our body if we give it to him and trust him with it. Our health, our sexuality and everything else. There’s is no need to lament our choice to deal with our bodies ourselves. People choose to withhold their bodies from God.

    • Morf Morford

      Perhaps. But doesn’t the Fall, by definition, warp both our choices and our understanding of them?

      • Frank

        Is what you are saying that we are incapable of making a Godly choice because of the Fall?

        The Fall has warped everything except the Word of God. So I think our choices are either Gods Will or something else.

        The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He had a body just like ours. He dealt with the same things we do so we have a God who understand what it means to have a fallen body subject to disease and death, sexual brokenness, pain, joy, etc…. So when we do trust God with our bodies according to His will we know He understands what we go through.

        Thanks for responding Morf. I appreciate the response and push back. I wish more bloggers would engage more often with their commentators. It might not always be pretty or stress free but no doubt its valuable.

        • Morf Morford

          Perhaps above all I wish I knew with full confidence what a ‘Godly choice’ might be. The choices I, and others, make, don’t always over time look so ‘godly’….

          • Frank

            Well I certainly agree with your last sentence. Even when we make Godly choices we can still so easily get off track due to selfishness and sin.

            I know you probably won’t agree but the way we can know for sure what a Godly choice looks like in any area is to trust what scripture tells us in each area. To me its obvious that whenever we depart from scriptural truth we get into trouble. God and His Will can be known if we are open to it.

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