The Words of Jesus are authoritative and compel us to believe:

1. All people are made in the likeness and image of God.
2. Jesus is the lens through which we understand the Bible… and through which we understand the world we live in.
3. Doing Jesus’ work leads to personal growth and greater understanding.
4. Freedom comes thru serving others—not power, politics or materialism.
5. Diversity & collaboration make us stronger, not weaker.
6. Wherever your authority and influence might lie it is magnified when shared and held by those who are poor, oppressed and looked over by society.
7. Questioning cultural norms are healthy and can lead to wholeness.
8. We respect and fight for the well-being of all people as children of God—especially those we differ with.
9. We embrace & work alongside people of different faiths, erasing the lines of ‘us vs. them’