Looking for a Church? Want to Volunteer?

You probably don’t have to look very far to find some Red Letter Christian types who are gathering every Sunday and serving the poor and the oppressed in a great way! Enter your zip code below and find the church and/or ministry nearest you!

Don’t live in the United States? Not a problem. The map below contains ministries across the globe. Type in your location and check it out!

Know of a good place and want to tell others about it? Why not add it to our list?


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/CJ-Campbell/804004568 C.J. Campbell

    nothing in my area… come on 61109!

  • Charles

    Please ; I would like to know if there are any like minded people in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.
    Tank You

    • Randy Oftedahl

      Prince Edward Island here…any more Maritimers?

  • Nancy

    Nothing in “Happy Valley, PA”. Where are you, folks??

    • Digger

      Isn’t that the HOME of Tony Campolo’s denomination, ABC-USA?

    • Deep Throat

      Start a church then!

    • George Hill

      Nancy, I knew of one ‘Happy valley’ and it was not happy- It was southwest of NaNang Vietnam and a well known enemy territory- But now all these years later, I wonder who the enemy was (is)

    • T Serenity McCloskey

      Hey, neighbor, maybe we could start our own house church for fellowship :)

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  • Deep Throat

    One thing I noticed about Los Angeles is there are no good churches in the city. The suburban Christian right churches in orange county are scared of us liberals. We would out number them 10 to 1 if we had a church.

  • Cindy

    Please add a church in the Boston area!

  • George Hill

    I can’t believe there is no redder letter church in Gainesville fl- a large community and Univ. community- Hope you can respond. George

  • JenellYB

    Not sure why I even checked to see. Desperate, I guess. Rural south east Texas, here. Deep in the heart of conservative bible belt.

  • Jennifer Lyn

    Are there any Red Letter Christians in Pittsburgh?

  • reidrussom

    Nothing within 100 miles of Memphis, TN. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Sometimes I feel like the Bible Belt is more of a curse than anything else.

    • mikephillipsxl

      I have long thought the same thing, that the Bible Belt (even this “Christian Nation”) is more of a curse or a stumbling block than anything else.

      • reidrussom

        The whole concept of the US being a “Christian nation” really bothers me. It’s easy to look through our history of racism and native genocide and realize that there are probably few points in our history where a majority of Americans really followed Jesus.

        • mikes

          God is not interested in the United States being a “Christian nation.” He is interested in seeing the United States become a nation of Christians. Huge difference. If only the church leaders could see that.

  • Deborah Robinson

    I’m thinking this tool does not work. I put in several zip codes from across the nation – and nothing came up….

  • chelsea

    Anything in Connecticut???

  • http://www.peachysaving.com Amanda

    This feature looks like its been disabled or something. All I see is the [ STORE-LOCATOR ] shortcode. Please let me know if this is a problem with my computer or if its something that’s been fixed.