DECEMBERBethlehem: Then and Now


Mitri Raheb

Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb is Pastor of the Evang. Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem and the President of Diyar Consortium, one of the leading Christian Organizations in Palestine.


Immigration: A Matter of the Spirit


Marco Saavedra speaks with us today about how faith has influenced his actions past and present, and how the current debate over immigration is not simply a matter of politics, but rather a matter of the spirit.

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Not Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing: An Interview with …


With Charlie Hebdo we’re talking about freedom of expression, but how much is that limited at this point because you’re afraid you might use the wrong word or say the wrong thing? It’s crippling.

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Loosing the Chains of Debt: An Interview with Geoffrey …

Geoffery Chongo JCTR

The Church exists partly to fulfill Christ’s mission of removing the heavy burden of inequality and social, political and economic injustice so that people can live their lives in full.

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RLC TV on Bethlehem: Then and Now